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The Digital Change Agent


This course focuses on providing employees and middle managers with relevant knowledge and skills in digitalization. The goal is for them to become drivers and change agents for digitalization in their organization. Digital competence is about understanding the threats and opportunities that digital technologies and tools create in order to identify what to do (digital initiatives) and why to do it (business effects). The course uses a digitalization canvas, a tool for understanding how digitalization can affect your business and industry. It provides a basis for identifying what to do and why.

Digital skills are about how digital initiatives can be implemented, and participants will receive hands-on training in them through demonstrations, activities and exercises. This includes hands-on exercises such as setting up solutions, and themes such as organization, processes and tools. A digital driver and change agent must be able to explore digital technologies and opportunities.

In this course we will use examples from different industries that focus on digital conversion. The finance industry is an industry that develops drivers and change agents for digitization. There, there are both major strategic initiatives in the field of digitalization and many more limited measures, such as automation using virtual robots. In both types of measures, new processes and new forms of organization are being worked on to create a more flexible and flexible organization.

Course content

The course will cover the following topics:

  • Digitization and digital change
  • Industry examples of digititalization
  • Digitalization Canvas: Understand the effects of digitalization and identify digital initiatives
  • Digital technology: Status and trends
  • Problem solving with new technology (eg blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality)
  • Technology: How to set up simple solutions (such as a chatbot)
  • How to create digital solutions: From idea to illustration on 1-2-3
  • Methods and tools for digital innovation
  • Organization for smooth and flexible interaction
  • The digital change agent


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