Excerpt from course description

Transformational Leadership


Massive research during the last decade has created a new leadership paradigm: Transformational leadership. Transformational leadership in many ways means change management. This is a type of leadership that focuses on totality, but with an eye for the individual employee at the same time. Research states that executing this leadership results in both more satisfied employees and better economic results for organizations. The course is built on solid scientific findings. The target group for the course will be leaders or other staff members who aspire to be leaders, in addition to those who want to be updated on new theory and practice within leadership development.

Course content

There will be exercises to develop leadership behaviour in following topics:

  • How to exert an idealistic influence
  • How to be a role model
  • Good decision making
  • Motivation development
  • How to inspire
  • How to create a good team spirit
  • Giving challenges
  • Independent work
  • Making creative solutions
  • Individual consideration
  • How to take care of the need of the individual


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