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Understanding the Digitalisation in Business


Automation and digitalization increases in Norwegian value chains. Digitalization of goods and services leads to new and disruptive business models, which will have a major influence on and transform almost all sectors of the industry. The course provides a general understanding of how accessible digital content intervenes in key processes in business. We'll cover how businesses can utilize the available digital content as a resource to promote profitability and competitive advantage, and how an increased degree of sharing culture and big data affects strategic thinking, corporate communications, marketing and innovation.

Course content

  • The digital network society: big data, the cloud and "Internet of things" - Digital economy, transaction costs, network effects
  • Business models and business development for digitalized business
  • Gain perspective; Management gains, rationalization benefits, organizational gains, market gains
  • Social networking, web, search and consumer behavior online
  • Social organizations: Involvement, communication and decision support
  • Strategic Foundation: ask, listen, measure, learn
  • Use of web technology in communications and marketing
  • Security, law and ethics


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