Programmes and individual courses

Courses for companies and organizations

We tailor courses for the skills you need to develop, delivered by top academic experts in their field. What does your business need to improve upon?

Businesses face major, strategic challenges. Many of the drivers are common, but how they affect your industry and business is unique.

BI has developed education and competence programs for the private and public sector for several years. Together, we can identify the necessary competence and organizational development required to address the challenges faced by your organization.

We offer a range of education, from intensive courses tailored to specific groups within your organization to degree-granting competence programs. All our offerings can be customized to meet your organization's specific needs.

BI provides a depth of expertise that makes a difference, offering tailored programs that integrate current research and pedagogic expertise with the unique requirements of your business.

You will gain insight into other industries, which helps to strengthen the ability to innovate in your own workplace.

By choosing us you gain access to a large and international research community with some of the country’s leading experts in their academic field.