Master programme

Crisis management and logistics

Learn concrete, practical and applicable principles, methods and tools that you can use actively in your own preparedness work.

About the programme

Crisis and preparedness management, also referred to as risk management depending on the context, is more important than ever. This programme provides the tools, knowledge and understanding that will better equip personnel to develop and implement crisis preparedness and response in different contexts. Through being a meeting arena for the players involved in crisis management and logistics, the programme contributes to joint understanding and development of networks. Particular focus is aimed at supply systems before and after an unexpected incident – how to build up capacity and expertise for logistics.

Subject overview

  • Globalisation, urbanisation and technology development – factors that change the need for crisis preparedness and response
  • New preconditions for crisis preparedness and response - potential improvements through new technology and more data
  • The most important logistics - how to organise and streamline supply chains
  • Who does what – increased demand for collaboration and coordination
  • Preparedness abroad and at home – challenges, principles, resources, systems and tools

"New needs, more players involved and increased demand for efficient crisis management and logistics require different skills than before."

Marianne Jahre

Professor, BI Norwegian Business School


Marianne Jahre is a Professor in the Department of Accounting Auditing and Business Analytics.


Rikke Cecilie Keim
Student coordinator
Telephone: +47 464 10 121

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