Master of Management programme

Global Strategy and Sustainable Business

In a world full of uncertainty, we provide you with the skills to navigate the increasingly complex global business context. We focus on how to engage in international business as we transition towards a sustainable future.

Why global strategy and sustainable business?

The global business community is experiencing turbulence and high levels of uncertainty. Global concerns are on the rise. Effects of climate change, disrupted supply chains, and the exploitation of global resources, create new strategic challenges. Governments and businesses agree that changes are needed to reach climate targets and UN’s sustainable development goals.
The importance of global strategy has never been more important. In this program, we help you critically assess your organization and environment before making important business decisions.  Which international strategy is most suitable for you? Will internationalization lead to greater risk? Will your business influence or become influenced by the transition?
Through this course you will get a rich overview of the strategic challenges facing global organizations, including the tools available to assess the situation and make sound business decisions both in stable markets and times of uncertainty.
In this program we mix digital content with in-class modules. The in-class sessions are highly interactive with discussions, a focus on practical applications, and a dialogue with corporations and experts in the field. We invite guest speakers with extensive global business experience.
For the fourth module, we travel abroad to Calgary, Canada. Traditionally known as Canada’s energy hub, Calgary is undergoing significant changes driven by advanced technology and a focus on sustainable solutions for the environment and neighboring aboriginal communities.
This entrepreneurial city is experiencing growth in several industries including life sciences, agribusiness, aerospace and logistics. The business community’s focus on environmental and social sustainability reflects the city’s surroundings, located only an hour away from the beautiful Rocky Mountains with popular destinations such as Banff and Lake Louise.


Topics covered in this course include:

  • Business decisions in highly uncertain global contexts
  • The transition towards a sustainable world
  • Balancing multiple demands of current business and future needs
  • Organizing international activities
  • Building global competitiveness
  • Knowledge-transfer across borders
  • Collaboration strategies 

All classes will be conducted in English. The term paper may be written in Norwegian.

Who is this programme for?

This program is suited for business professionals who are focused on developing global organizations that compete successfully as we transition towards a sustainable future.

"Firms need to think globally from the get-go! Our course offers a range of tools and frameworks to grow your organisation successfully in a global context."

Birgitte Grøgaard

Professor, Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Practical information


Oslo: Fall 2024/spring 2025
 1. module: 30.09 - 02.10 
 2. module: 18.11 - 20.11
 3. module: 27.01 - 29.01 2025
 4. module: 17.03 - 21.03 *Calgary
 5. module: 28.04 - 30.04

We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.