Bachelor i eiendomsmegling

Electives Bachelor i eiendomsmegling

Course name Autumn Spring
Accountant practice and ethics X
Advanced Managerial Accounting and Real Investment Theory X
AI and Data Ethics X
Applied Macroeconomics X
Applied Microeconomics X
Art and Design Industries X
B2B Marketing, Sales and Negotiations X
Behavioural Finance X
BI Internship on Exchange X
Brand Strategy X
Branding X
Business Development and Digitalisation X
Business Law X
Business Law for Accountants X
Cluster analysis for business X
Communication in Action: Dialogue and Discourse X
Consumer Behavior X
Consumer Insight X
Corporate Finance X
Creativity and aesthetics in organisations X
Criminal Law and Financial Crime X
Critical Analysis and Efficient Writing X
Critical thinking X
Cross Cultural Management X
Decisions and creativity X
Design of interactive apps X
Digital Marketing X
Digital tools and financial analysis X
Digital transformation and innovation X
Distribusjon X
Economics II X
Employment Law X
Entertainment Industries X
Etikk, samfunnsansvar og bærekraft X
Excel Programming and Automation X
Finance X
Financial accounting X
Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis X
Financial analysis and valuation X
Financial bubbles, crashes and crises X
Financial modelling in practice X
Financial Strategy X
Financial technology X
Global Economy X
Global sustainability: climate, environment and poverty X
Innovasjon X
Innovation Strategy and Technological Change X
Internal control and accounting organisation X
International Business X
International Commercial Law X
International Economics X
International Entrepreneurship X
International Maritime Law X
International Marketing X
Internship X
Internship in your own start-up company X
Introduction to Econometric Theory X
Introduction to quantitative finance X
Labour Legislation X
Law and Real Estate X
Leadership training, personal development and coaching X
Logistics X
Machine learning for business using R X
Management and influence X
Managerial Accounting and Control X
Marine Insurance X
Market, crises and sustainability X
Marketing Analytics X
Marketing Communication X
Marketing Law and Ethics X
Mathematical Analysis X
Mathematics X
Mathematics - Elective X
Mathematics elective X
Method and Statistical Data analysis X
Methods and Insight X
no course description found. X
Options and Futures X
Organisasjonsteori X
Organisational Communication and Leadership X
Organizational Theory and HRM X
Organizing the Shipowning Entity X
People insights X
Personal Finance X
Power and Persuasion in digital society X
Programming, data extraction and visualisation X
Project Management X
Project Management X
Real Estate Finance X
Revenue Management X
Sales Management and Personal Sales X
Shipping Management X
Small Business Development X
Social Media and Networks X
Starting a venture X
Stochastic processes for finance and economics X
Stress, Motivation and Self-Leadership X
Structured Writing for Effective Communication X
Supply Chain Management - Logistics Management X
Sustainable finance X
Sustainable HRM and Leadership X
Sustainable marketing X
Tax and Charge Law X
Valuation X