Bachelor of Data Science for Business

Electives Bachelor of Data Science for Business

Course name Autumn Spring
AI and Data Ethics X
Analyses of Financial Data X
Applied Storytelling X
Art and Design Industries X
Behavioural Finance X
Business Communication - Culture and Ethics X
Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations X
Cluster Analysis for Business X
Communication in Action: Dialogue and Discourse X
Corporate Finance X
Creativity and Aesthetics in Organisations X
Cross Cultural Management X
Databases X
Digital Tools and Technologies in Marketing X
Excel Programming and Automation X
Financial Analysis and Valuation X
Financial Bubbles, Crashes and Crises X
Financial Econometrics X
Financial Markets and Institutions X
Financial Modelling in Practice X
Global Sustainability: Climate, Environment and Poverty X
Innovation Strategy and Technological Change X
International Business X
International Business Environment X
International Commercial Law X
International Economics X
International Marketing X
Internship X
Introduction to Econometric Theory X
Introduction to Quantitative Finance X
Machine Learning for Business Using R X
Macro-Finance X
Marine Insurance X
Marketing Communication X
Markets and Institutions X
Mathematical Analysis X
Mathematics - Elective X
Multisensory Experiences X
Options and Futures X
Organizing the Shipowning Entity X
Programming, Data Extraction and Visualisation X
Project Management X
Real Estate Finance X
Resource Industries and Markets: A Norwegian Context X
Shipping Management X
Social Media and Society X
Stochastic Processes for Finance and Economics X
Strategic Sustainable Innovation X
Structured Writing for Effective Communication X
Supply Chain Management X
Supply Chain Management X
Sustainable Finance X
Sustainable Risk Management in Value Chains X
The Science of Well-Being, Happiness, and Success X
Web Applications Development X