MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology

Electives MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology

This is a complete list of electives for this programme. Student numbers will decide how many electives are available and not all courses will be offered at both campuses.

Year 2

Course name Autumn Spring
BI Flex Internship X
Building and Leading Effective Teams: Contemporary Issues X
Change Management X
Counselling X X
Economic Psychology: Selected Topics X
GRA xxxx Language Processing as Organizational Cognition X
GRA xxxx Leading Individuals, Teams, and Organizations Using Intelligent Decision Support Systems X
GRA xxxx Work Design in the Digital Age X
GRA xxxx Workplace Mistreatment and Conflict Resolution X
GRA xxxx: Applied Organizational Psychology: The role as practitioner X
GRA xxxx: Understanding Organizations and Leadership Through Advances in Computational Social Science X
Human Resource Management X
Internship for MSc in Leadership and Organisational Psychology X
Labour Law and Labour Economics X
Occupational Health Psychology X
Recruitment, Selection and Development X