Exchange programme

Bachelor Course List Spring

The following courses are available for Bachelor exchange students at BI in the Spring semester 2019. The list is updated as of November 2018.

  • The course list below is subject to minor changes.
  • All Bachelor-level courses constitute 7.5 ECTS credits. A full semester workload is 30 ECTS credits.
  • Consult the course descriptions for detailed information about each course.
Course Code Course Name
ELE 3701 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ELE 3706  Persuasion and Dialogue for Leaders
ELE 3710  ​Business and Professional Ethics
ELE 3732  Financial bubbles, crashes and crises
ELE 3736  Real Estate Finance 
ELE 3763  Innovation Strategy and Technological Change
ELE 3766  ​Social Networks and Communities 
ELE 3768 ​Global Strategies for Emerging Markets 
​ELE 3769  Cross Cultural Management
ELE 3771  Purchasing
ELE 3773  ​Service Marketing
ELE 3777 Branding
EXC 2121 ​International Commercial Law
EXC 2122 Strategic ​Management Accounting
EXC 2901  Norwegian Culture and History - an Introduction 
EXC 2904 Statistics
​EXC 2910  Mathematics - NB: continues from Autumn semester
EXC 2953 Organizational Behaviour and Management
EXC 3452 Financial Reporting and Analysis
​EXC 3505  ​Strategy 
EXC 3525  Macroeconomics 
EXC 3602 International Marketing 
EXC 3603  International Economics 
​​EXC 3632  Corporate Governance
EXC 3651  ​Shipping Finance
EXC 3652 Port Management
EXC 3673 Corporate and Financial Risk Management
FIN 3516 Financial Statement Analysis
FIN 3616 ​Financial Decision Makeing with Excel
​FIN 3617 ​Behavioral Finance
​FIN 3621  Options and Futures 
PRK 3508  ​Persuasion and Influence in Society 
PRK 3662 Insight-driven Communication
SPÅ 2902 Business Communication - Negotiations and Presentations