Exchange programme

Master Course List Autumn

The following courses are available for Master exchange students at BI in the Autumn semester 2021. The list is updated as of 1 May 2021.

  • Certain courses have limited capacity. BI degree-seeking MSc programme students will be prioritized.
  • Most Master level courses account for 6 ECTS credits each.
  • The course list is subject to minor changes.
Course Code

Course Name

GRA 2203 Psychological Measurement
GRA 2205 Organisational Behaviour
GRA 2207 Managing Creativity & Innovation
GRA 2235 Recruitment, Training and Dev.
GRA 2245 Economic Psychology
GRA 2257 Human Resource Management
GRA 2265 ​Intro. Multivar. Data Analysis 
GRA 2416 Project Management 
GRA 2418 Understanding the Consumer
GRA 2423 Persuasion and Power in Organisations
GRA 2427 Building & Leading Eff. Teams
GRA 3114 Pitching, Persuasion and Communication Skills
GRA 3115 International Entrepreneurship
GRA 3116 The Digital Platform
GRA 3136 New Venture Creation
GRA 3151 Foundations of Innovation and Corporate Entrepreneurship
GRA 3161 Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset
GRA 4145 Brand Management
GRA 5914 International Politics
GRA 5916 Organisation Science
GRA 6025 Financial Management
​GRA 6026 Organisation Science
GRA 6031 Microeconomics
GRA 6035 Mathematics
GRA 6038 Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations
GRA 6039 Econometrics with Programming
GRA 6211 Financial Accounting Theory
GRA 6227 Business Optimisation
GRA 6235 Business Analysis and Valuation
GRA 6236 Tax Law, Advanced
GRA 6237 Multinational Company Structures
GRA 6288 Legal Tech
​GRA 6292 International Corporate Finance
​GRA 6419 Service Marketing
​GRA 6420 Pricing Strategies: Measuring, Capturing and Retaining Value
​GRA 6428 New Product Development and Service Innovation
​GRA 6433 Marketing Communication
​GRA 6440 Marketing Innovation Management
GRA 6443 Topics in Digital Marketing
​GRA 6445 Introductory Data Science for Marketing
GRA 6518 Data Science for Finance
GRA 6534 Investments
GRA 6535 Derivatives
GRA 6540 ​Applied Finance
GRA 6542 ​Corporate Governance
GRA 6544 Financial Strategy in a Global Economy
GRA 6550 Stochastic Calculus for Finance
GRA 6552 International Finance
GRA 6559 Fintech
GRA 6560 Strategic Asset Allocation
GRA 6561 Computational Methods
GRA 6626 Decisions, Strategy and Information
GRA 6634 Advanced Macroeconomics
GRA 6649 International Economics
​GRA 6664 Game Theory
GRA 6665 Environment and Sustainable Development
​GRA 6666 International Macroeconomics and Finance
GRA 6669 Theoretical Industrial Organization
GRA 6670 Numerical Methods in Python with Applications
​GRA 6714 Supply Chain Management
GRA 6723 Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in Project-Based Industries
GRA 6753 Operations 1
GRA 6811 Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms and Society 
GRA 6812 Doing Business in Norway 
GRA 6813 Advanced Persuasive Communication: Managing in the 21st Century 3 credits
GRA 6830 Economic and Organisational Foundations of Strategic Management
​GRA 6831 Behavioural Foundations of Strategic Management
GRA 6834 Business Development and Innovation Management
​GRA 6838 Doing Business in China
​GRA 6839 Data Analysis in Python 3 credits
​GRA 6841 Energy in Green Transition:  
GRA 6842 Negotiation Mastery: Essential Strategies and Skills for International Negotiation
GRA 6843 Doing Digital Business
GRA 6845 Causal Inference with Big Data
GRA 6849 Sustainable Strategy and Circular Economy

Courses available to QTEM students

If you are not sure if you are eligible for the courses below, please contact the International Office at international.office@bi.no.

GRA 4135 Decision Theory and System Dynamics
GRA 4137 Data Protection and Ethics in the Modern Business Environment
GRA 4142 Data Management and Python Programming