Exchange programme

Master Course List Spring

The following courses are available for Master exchange students at BI in the Spring semester 2021. The list is updated as of November 2020.

  • Certain courses have limited capacity. BI degree-seeking MSc programme students will be prioritized.
  • Most Master level courses account for 6 ECTS credits each.
  • The course list is subject to minor changes.
Course Code Course Name
GRA 1305 Industrial Organization and Economics Consulting
GRA 2204  Judgment and Decision Making in Organisations 
GRA 2231 Stress and Productivity in Organisations
GRA 2236 Creativity in Individual, Group and Organisations
GRA 2239 Leadership in Organisations
GRA 2246 Managing Across Cultures
GRA 2411 Strategic Management
GRA 2425 Change Management
GRA 3112 Negotiation and International Networks
GRA 3162 New Venture Bootcamp
GRA 3163 Financing Entrepreneurial and Corporate Ventures
GRA 3164 Developing, Organizing, and Leading Entrepreneurial Ventures
GRA 3165 The Crowd, The Cloud, and Sustainable Innovation
GRA 6036  Data Analytics with Programming 
GRA 6038 Ethics and Sustainability in Organizations
GRA 6232 Management Control
GRA 6233 Treasury Management
GRA 6238 Financial Accounting and Taxation
GRA 6240 Strategic Management for Business Control
GRA 6284 Financial and Political Risk in International Trade
GRA 6435 Customer Value Analytics
GRA 6437 Marketing Research
GRA 6444 B2B Marketing
GRA 6513 Financial Risk Management
GRA 6531 Topics in Portfolio Management
GRA 6538 Applied Valuation
GRA 6539 Fixed Income Securities
GRA 6545 Enterprise Risk Management
GRA 6546 Financial Institutions and Crises
GRA 6551 Quantitative Risk and Asset Management
GRA 6555 Asset Management
GRA 6556 Ethics and Sustainability in Finance
GRA 6558 Consultancy Project for MSc in Quantitative Finance
GRA 6612 Analysis of Experiments and Quasi-Experiments
GRA 6631 Macroeconomic Policy
GRA 6639 Business Cycles
GRA 6650 Labor Markets & Personnel Economics
GRA 6668 Empirical Industrial Organization
GRA 6717 Purchasing and Supply Management
GRA 6718 Distribution in the Circular Economy
GRA 6754 Operations 2
GRA 6829 Strategies for Industrial Competitiveness
GRA 6832 Interorganisational Strategies
GRA 6833 Corporate & Global Strategies

Courses available to QTEM students

If you are not sure if you are eligible for the courses below, please contact the International Office at international.office@bi.no.

GRA 4136 Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
GRA 4138 Business Simulation Analysis
GRA 4139 Marketing Analytics
GRA 4141 Supply Chain Analytics
GRA 4143 Visualisations and Network Theory
GRA 4144 Applying Economic Analysis