Executive Education

Executive Short Programmes

Executive Short Programmes give you essential and business relevant knowledge that you need in order to face new challenges at work – in only a few days.

Executive Short Programmes (ESP) provide you with an effective update in just a few days. Dynamic learning and exchange of experience in small groups headed by BI’s top academic resources is what you have in store, as well as inspiration for innovation and tools you can start using immediately. The courses last 2-5 days and there is no exam.

Who can participate? 

Executive Short Programmes are open courses with no formal admission requirements. The primary target group is leaders and specialists in the private and public sectors. You are therefore expected to have a good combination of theoretical background and practical experience.

"Inspiring and interesting to attend Executive Short Programmes and meet a good environment with exciting professionals. Very professionally organized, with an efficient and practical implementation that easily combines with work. It is nice that lecturers are committed to participants' relevant business challenges and that many cases are added to create a good group dynamic. All in all, a very positive experience."

Kristin Stormanger

Category Director, Stokke AS

Dynamic and inspiring 

Through dialogues with our top academic resources, the courses provide room for discussing all of your questions. You will also learn about practical tools that you can start to use immediately in your job. You will participate in a dynamic and inspiring learning environment where we combine lectures, reflection time, group discussions and group assignments.

Much more than a short, intensive course 

We organise the course to maximise your benefit from every single day. You will receive relevant materials in advance so you have time to prepare. Sometimes we will ask you to submit a description of challenges in your workday, so our lecturers can prepare a discussion regarding this during the course.


As a participant, you will gain access to an environment that helps you make new contacts. Through good interaction in the classroom, group lunches and the network dinner on the first or second day of the course, you will have many opportunities to get to know the lecturers and other course participants.

Practical information


Prices are listed under each course. The price includes course documentation and all food and drink served during the course, including the network dinner on the first or second day of the course.

Join forces 

We know that learning increases when colleagues participate together. You can discuss and debate with each other during the course with a basis in a shared frame of reference. You will also gain a unique opportunity to exploit new knowledge and build upon this when you return to work.

Please contact us in advance for an offer if three or more people from the same workplace are planning to participate together. 


Registration takes place continuously. Registration forms can be found on the individual course websites. The number of participants varies from 15 to 30 to ensure the best possible learning experience and interaction.

You must enter your personal education and work experience profile when you register for the courses. This is to ensure our academic resources are equipped for the best possible pedagogic facilitation in relation to the participants who register for the respective courses.

Where will the course take place?

Unless otherwise indicated, the programme will take place in our Executive area at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. For those who are not familiar with how to get to BI in Nydalen in Oslo, we recommend visiting this website.

Former participants about Executive Short Programmes

"For my own education, the course inspired me to consider regular annual courses in leadership and organisation at BI.

"Very good course!! Specific and useful tips to use every day. Looking forward to the next course."

"I appreciated the number, speed and involvement of course participants."

"I very much appreciated that time was allotted for discussions, and three intense days left me wanting more courses at BI."

"Inspirational and concrete. Very satisfied."

"Very well organised course with high return and a good balance between lecturers. They were concise, focused on the moment, and interested in the participants!"

"Interesting subjects presented in a good and understandable manner. Good examples and practical tasks that helped increase understanding of the technical subjects. Participating in the course increased my motivation in my leadership role."

"Good guidance in connection with our own issues. Good to have honest and real assessments of projects and issues."

"I was very pleased with the course. I learned a lot for my job and have incorporated several of the models in my daily work."

"Very good and inspiring course. Recognisable issues. Also good to have participants from many different companies and public agencies."

"Active, intensive course. Good that the course is based on active participation from individuals. Nice balance between case and teaching."

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like further information about our Executive Programmes.