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QTEM Masters Network

QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) Masters Network, is an international network bringing together outstanding students, academic partners and international corporations.

The QTEM Masters Network positions you ahead of the crowd in today's global talent pool. QTEM is your passport to an international education: you will learn in a master's programme that will take you from BI to an exchange at a leading business school, to meeting global corporate partners, to the workplace with an internship, and to a virtual team for the QDC Challenge.

QTEM is an option for you in the following MSc programmes at BI:

As a QTEM student at BI, you are automatically members of the Master Merit Society. From day one in the programme, you will be invited to events hosted by corporate partners designed to enhance your leadership and professional development skills. 
*New for the 2020 admission intake, the study plan includes only one QTEM exchange while MSc in Business students can choose one or two.

Why choose a Masters degree in the QTEM Masters Network?

Earn your master’s degree as part of an international network of 25 of the best business schools in the world who partner with leading corporations committed to developing global talent with strong quantitative competencies, analytical skills, international and intercultural experience, and management potential. If you are looking for a master’s degree with global reach and an emphasis on the quantitative and analytical skills in demand by employers, then a QTEM Master is the degree for you. 

You will complement the knowledge gained in your core courses at BI with skills and competencies in Finance and Risk Management, Applied Economics, and Public Policy, Business Intelligence and Big Data, or Innovation and Strategy developed while studying at the QTEM partner business schools.
At BI, students in the QTEM Masters Network are automatically members of the Master Merit Society.

What will you learn?

You will learn to make optimal decisions by applying the knowledge and competency you develop by studying at different prestigious business schools. Through the programme, you will learn the latest quantitative techniques and develop analytical skills needed for a global career in finance, economics, big data, or management. By experiencing different cultures over the course of your educational experience, you will develop global insight and intercultural competency. Your internship will give you hands-on experience, providing a great starting point in your career.

Customise your degree

The QTEM Master programme combines semesters at BI and at leading partner schools, together with an internship, and participating on a virtual global team solving real life business problems. By the time you graduate, you will have studied abroad, had the opportunity to interact with global corporate partners and complete the equivalent of eight weeks in an internship.

Career Possibilities

  • Financial Analyst: Whether you want to work on the ‘buy’ side of investments or the ‘sell’ side of products, the QTEM programme will prepare you to work for a career in the financial industry.
  • Equity Analyst: Help your organisation make the best investment decisions by building an investment portfolio within the company’s values and objectives.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Help give your company a competitive edge. Use big data to build the resources your company needs to make timely and valuable decisions. 

Francesco Paolo Forina Financial Analyst Equinor The art of accuracy

Student perspective

QTEM students, Alexander and Francesco, highlight what they believe makes the QTEM Masters Network a unique programme that prepares students for a successful career in today's cosmopolitan environment.

Student perspective

Faculty perspective

Dean Master and Associate Professor, Janicke Rasmussen, explains what makes the QTEM Master different from all other programmes at BI. Dr. Rasmussen highlights the unique aspects that make the degree special to students aiming to succeed in an international environment. 

Faculty perspective

Admission Process


To apply to the QTEM Masters Network, please select a programme.


Master of Science in Applied Economics - QTEM  


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Master of Science in Business Analytics - QTEM  


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Master of Science in Business major in Finance - QTEM  


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Master of Science in Business major in Economics - QTEM  

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Master of Science in Finance - QTEM

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Priority application deadline for Master of Science: 1 March
After 1 March, applications are accepted on a rolling basis.