Course description

Applied Business Ethics


This course explores ethical challenges in business, and presents conceptual tools to handle dilemmas and polarities in the workplace.

Course content

  • Business Ethics: Tools, Concepts and Principles
  • Dilemma Training
  • Homo Economicus and Moral Psychology
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Countering Corruption
  • Ethics in the Professions: Coping with Conflict of Interest
  • Communication, Reputation and Identity
  • Ethics and Investment

Learning outcome knowledge

The student will become familiar with the basic concepts of business ethics, and their links to core business objectives and strategies. They will learn about the triple-bottom line of business, the responsibility towards owners, society and the environment. Communication culture is a key element in working with ethics in a business community, and the students will gain knowledge about ways to enhance dialogue about ethics in the workplace. They will also learn about the current debate concerning Homo Economicus and alternative conceptions of human nature and moral psychology.

Exam organisation

  • Home exam: 100%