Course description

Applied Data Analytics


This course gives an introduction to some of the more important tools and techniques used in data analytics for business. Students will obtain hands-on experience working with real data problems, they will learn how to use descriptive statistics to explore data and justify models, and how to use statistical models to turn data into actionable knowledge.

Course content

  1. Introductory descriptive statistics, data visualization and data re-organization.
  2. Data exploration.
  3. Introductory statistical inference.
  4. An introduction to various statistical modeling frameworks, such as multiple linear regression analysis (including ANOVA), factor analysis and other multivariate modeling techniques of interest.
  5. Diagnostics and model selection.

Learning outcome knowledge

Basic knowledge of formal statistical methodology will be reviewed and applied. Focus will be on various statistical modeling frameworks typically applied in the social sciences. The students will learn how to perform and interpret statistical tests, make confidence intervals, and will acquire understanding and knowledge of the basic theory and motivation underlying and associated with regression type models.

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 40%
  • Written exam: 60%