Course description

Business Development & Innovation Management


Much of an organization's value creation - and certainly most of its competitive advantage - comes from innovation. Innovation can happen through changes in technology - how an organization does things - or in business models - how it gets paid. This course will explore theories and cases of innovation and technology evolution within a strategic context, as well as the more theoretical concepts of dynamic organizational capabilities.

Course content

  • Technology evolution and technology history
  • Disruptive and sustaining technologies/innovations
  • Entering new markets with technology
  • Linking strategy and innovation
  • Building strategic innovation capability
  • Technology market structure and evolution
  • Componentization and integration
  • Industry structures and competitive environments in eBusiness
  • Electronic markets and market facilitators
  • Technology implementation and institutionalization
  • The politics of technology and innovation

Learning outcome knowledge

The course aims to give the students a thorough understanding of strategic innovation management - how organizations change to adapt to changes in the external environment, evolve their technology, and understand the nature of technological change. After attending this course, the student will have learned to

  • understand how technology develops and the drivers of technology evolution
  • understand the concept of business models and business model innovation
  • understand how industries are influenced by technological change and business model evolution
  • understand the challenges involved in formulating strategic change and adapting an organization to external technological change, particularly disruptive change

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 50%
  • Class participation: 30%
  • Written assignment: 20%