Course description

CFA Research Challenge


The course reviews and strengthens the necessary skills to compete efficiently at CFA Research Challenge. The course focuses on developing valuation skills to produce an analyst report on a company and to develop a presentation based on the report.

StudentsĀ are expected to compete but it is not necessary for the course. Priority will be given to those who want to compete. The course grade is independent of the competition.

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Course content

Weekly meetings with faculty and\or industry mentor to develop the report and to rehearse the presentation.

Learning outcome knowledge

The course builds on the valuation skills developed in the Corporate Finance, Applied Valuation or similar courses. The course will introduce you to the work of financial analysts by conducting an in-depth analysis of one company. You will learn how to produce an efficient analyst report and how to communicate your results by presenting your findings and arguing for buy or sell recommendation based on your research.

The structure of the course will prepare you for the CFA Research Challenge. As part of the course, you will compete for a change to participate at country-wide elimination round. The winner of a country-wide round proceeds to the regional round. As part of the preparation, you will work with an industry mentor to fine-tune the analysis.

Therefore, the course, is applied, industry, and skills oriented.

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 50%
  • Presentation and discussion: 50%