Course description

Data Analysis in Python


(Max 25 students each semester)

Python programming is used extensively in many companies for web scrapping, data analysis, machine learning etc. The language is designed to be easy to learn and work with. 

This course provides the tools to use Python programming language to extract knowledge from data. We will start with an introduction of basic concepts in programming. You will learn how to write short codes, read other people’s codes, automate tasks etc. Then, we will use the Pandas package to work with data collection, statistical and graphical analysis. We will learn the power of Dataframes, which allows you to work productively with data. You will learn techniques for loading, cleaning, combining, slicing, and transforming data. Finally, you will be able to combine your data to statistical models and present the results in tables and graphs.

Course content

The course covers the following topics

  • Introduction to programming.
  • Techniques in scientific programming.
  • Basic data analysis and visualization
  • Applications to econometrics and forecasting
  • Applications economics and finance

Learning outcome knowledge

  • Basic programming in Python.
  • Data analysis and visualization techniques.
  • How to implement simple econometrics analysis.

Exam organisation

  • Home exam: 100%