Course description

Groups and Teams: Dynamics and Effectiveness


Organizations frequently use groups and teams to accomplish tasks, and several psychological processes may affect groups' performance. This course will provide an overview of some of the major theories and studies that may help understand psychological processes in groups and teams. The theories are related to issues such as group composition, group development, group dynamics, and group effectiveness. The theories and the scientific evidence will be examined and discussed. Students will work in groups during the course, presenting and discussing literature, and participate in various exercises related to groups and team processes described in the literature.

Course content

  • Important factors that influence effectiveness in groups
  • Group effectiveness, group composition, and group processes
  • Creativity in groups
  • Conflict and groups
  • Leadership in groups
  • Assessment of groups and teams
  • Team interventions

Learning outcome knowledge

The course will provide an overview of major theories and studies related to psychological processes in and between groups, affecting their performance. Some of these processes will be demonstrated by group exercises. The course will provide students with knowledge of major theories related to group processes and group effectiveness, and enhance their ability to critically assess the empirical evidence for such theories. The course will also provide the opportunity to learn about group and team dynamics through practical exercises.

Exam organisation

  • Class participation: 30%
  • Written exam: 70%