Course description

Innovation Strategy and Corporate Entrepreneurship


This course will give an introduction to the understanding of the concept of innovation at the micro, meso and macro level by introducing theories conceptualizing and problematizing the term.

Course content

  • Processes of innovation at the firm level;
    • Absorptive capacity
    • Types of innovation
    • Exploration and Exploitation
    • Innovation Networks and process perspectives on innovation
    • Platform strategy and Innovation
    • Invention and creativity
    • Value Creation and Value Capture
    • Open and User Innovation
    • Management of Innovation
    • Innovation Models and Processes
    • Innovation Culture
    • Financing for Innovation
    • Capabilities for Innovation
  • Systems of innovation; national, regional and sectoral innovation systems
  • Role of innovation at the macrolevel

Learning outcome knowledge

This course introduces students to frameworks of understanding concepts and principles in innovation theory and research. The course aims at providing an understanding of the different aspects of innovation and its relationship with economic growth and welfare. The course will introduce the student to themes addressed more in depth in other courses of the programme and as such, have an introductory and synthesizing role for the programme as a whole.

The students should during the course have acquired knowledge on why and how innovations happen. They should understand aspects of the process through which innovation occurs through a number of theoretical perspectives. These perspectives should give insight to what influences innovation and how this varies across industries, sectors and through time.

Exam organisation

  • Written exam: 100%