Course description

Corporate & Global Strategies


The course essentially deals with the strategic issues that corporate headquarters face with respect to achieving sustainable competitive advantage in an increasingly global competition arena.

The domain of corporate and global strategies comprises: (i) defining appropriate boundaries for the corporation; (ii) restructuring the corporation (for example diversification and divestment decisions); (iii) the allocation of decision rights between corporate headquarters, division and SBU headquarters, and subsidiariy units; (iv) managing inter-unit relationships in complex and spatially dispersed corporations.

Course content

The course will focus on:

  • Issues in corporate and global strategies
  • The scope of the corporation
  • Modes of entry, operation and expansion
  • Diversification, restructuring and divestment
  • Organizing the complex corporation
  • Managing the complex corporation

Learning outcome knowledge

Provide students with knowledge about core parts of the research-based literature on corporate and global strategies.

Exam organisation

  • Class participation: 25%
  • Written assignment: 25%
  • Written assignment: 50%