Course description

Data Protection and Ethics in the Modern Business Environment


The course will give insight on legal rules on data protection—i.e., a set of norms which specifically govern the processing of data relating to persons (personal data) in order to protect the privacy and related interests. The course also seeks to raise the key ethical concerns related to the usage of personal information for individuals, organizations, businesses and society.

The course seeks to have a business and a practical perspective, in order to fulfill its obligation to be applicable knowledge and relevance.

Course content

  • Privacy and data protection
  • GDPR and privacy by design
  • Electronic commerce
  • Regulations regarding Internet and algorithms
  • Rule of law concerning Big data
  • Codes of practice
  • Privacy by design
  • Transfer of data
  • Modern business ethical challenges of usage of personal information, Big data analytics and data sharing

Learning outcome knowledge

The students will gain knowledge of the basic requirements concerning privacy law in the EEA and the EU as well as the ethical implications vs. competitive advantage of the use of personal information by businesses and wider implcations for society. The course seeks to have a business and practical perspective, in order to fulfill its obligations to offer applicable knowledge and relevant.

  • Acquire knowledge of the terminology of data protection
  • Gain a basic understanding of the rules and principles for protecting privacy and personal information, particularly as laid down in EU and other international instruments.
  • Knowledge of the newest regulation on data protection from EU (GDPR; General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Knowledge of the rules concerning transfer of data to other countries
  • A basic knowledge of Norway`s obligation in the EEA-agreement and European law and relevant case law
  • Acquire knowledge of the ethical problems in modern business arising from the usage of personal information and Big data: monitoring, surveillance of individuals behavior and offering personalized services and products while at the same time limiting individuals options and choices available on the market
  • Learn about the Big data paradoxes: transparency, Identity and power

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 100%