Course description

Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset


What characteristics distinguish entrepreneurs from other business managers? What skills and insights do entrepreneurs require to launch a new venture? What does it take to scale up? How do innovators develop and gain acceptance for entrepreneurial ideas in corporate settings? These are fundamental questions about entrepreneurship to be worked out during this course.

This class focuses on helping students gain the knowledge, skills, and tools to recognize entrepreneurship as a process rather than an end point.

Course content

Students will learn to combine insights across multiple domains in order to bring novel approaches and solutions to big, risky and challenging questions.

Students will learn and practice how to evaluate opportunities from multiple vantage points, create a unique value proposition, and what it takes to assess the market potential for a new idea as a stand-alone company or as a new avenue in a corporate setting. They will learn how to make decisions under conditions of technical and market uncertainty. 

The course will also address soft skills such as self-management, personality, identity, motivation, communication and cooperation, in combination with theories of learning and culture development. 

Students will get a basic understanding and practice of how to champion their ideas under a variety of audiences, such as potential investors, employees, and executives. 

Learning outcome knowledge

Students will gain knowledge of:

  • entrepreneurship as practice and process
  • the characteristics of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial action
  • how entrepreneurial opportunities are developed
  • creativity, collaboration and organizing new ventures

Exam organisation

  • Class participation: 25%
  • Written assignment: 75%