Course description

Financial Reporting, general issues


IFRS is an internationally accepted set of accounting standards. All listed firms in the EU/EEA are required to use these standards in their consolidated financial statements, and most other firms in EU/EEA-area are allowed to use IFRS in their financial statements. Thus, high expertise in IFRS is needed for professional auditors, accounting preparers and accounting users. The course is compulsory for students in the Master of Accounting and Auditing.

Course content

Basic accounting concepts and techniques. IFRS conceptual framework. Financial reporting standards.

Learning outcome knowledge

The students shall obtain advanced knowledge about fundamental topics in IFRS regulation such as accounting for revenues, intangible assets, provisions, impairment losses, financial instruments, and taxes. The student shall also obtain advanced knowledge about business combinations and consolidated financial statements.

Exam organisation

  • Written exam: 100%