Executive Master of Management

Security management and cultural understanding

This master degree places emphasis on increasing the knowledge, expertise and skill level within security issues for managers and employees in different sectors of Norwegian society.

Background for the degree

Security has become a key challenge both for society at large and all types of enterprises, the military, police and NGOs. The security challenges faced both globally and by individual nations can no longer be resolved by a single specific measure carried out by a single player independent of all others. This warrants a more comprehensive and coordinated cross-sectoral approach. This will require employees with honed expertise and an ability to analyse and evaluate complex situations. They must make tactical, operative and strategic decisions in cooperation across professions, sectors and academic environments.

What will you learn?

Through five programmes, where security and cultural topics are in focus, this degree will better equip you to:

  • make decisions and contribute to decision-making processes in both a national and international context
  • to lead other people in an independent and reflective manner
  • know your possibilities and limitations with regard to knowledge, the surroundings and the alternative courses of action at your disposal

This master degree is taught in Norwegian. Read more on our Norwegian pages.


Rikke Cecilie Keim
Business Developer
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