Executive Master of Management

Security management and cultural understanding

In cooperation with The Norwegian Armed Forces, BI Norwegian Business School has developed the Executive Master of Management with a specialisation in security and cultural understanding.


Recent global and local crises have placed greater demand on security forces to have a stronger grasp on organisational culture, effectiveness and strategy. In extreme situations, decisions that are politically and operationally streamlined is key for resolving the issue in the best possible way.

This Executive Master of Management programme is designed to provide you with the toolkit to make quick but effective decisions in complex situations, and enables you to be at the forefront of solving these challenges. The aim of the Master’s degree is to strengthen your ability to analyse the situation and to optimise the value you bring to your team. The programme has a “micro-macro” approach to teaching, so that participants are better equipped to solve both global and regional challenges, from security policies to conflicts.


The Army and BI Norwegian Business School have collaborated to bring you the most relevant and up-to-date resources from various fields of expertise including the intelligence services, special forces, diplomats and leading international research bodies. Modules are flexible and are intended for participants who wish to study alongside even the most demanding of jobs.

The four first programmes run for one semester, with classes in three modules, each consisting of three full days. The last programme, the thesis, will take two semesters. You can take each programme separately. When you have completed all programmes, you are awarded the degree Executive Master of Management with specialization in security and cultural understanding.


Programme 1: Globalisation, security and new conflicts
Programme 2: Military power, conflict management and terrorism
Programme 3: Organising for the unexpected
Programme 4: Cultural understanding in an international context
Programme 5: Master's thesis


This Executive Master of Management is intended for experienced problem-solvers who wish to approach conflicts with a deeper understanding of the culture and structure involved. Typically, participants have backgrounds in the police or military, civil protection, aid organisations or companies with international operations and a focus on security.

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Rikke Keim
Project Manager
E-mail: rikke.keim@bi.no
Telephone: 464 10 121

Bogdana Fedorak
Project Coordinator 
E-mail: bogdana.fedorak@bi.no
Telephone: 464 10 848

Practical information

Programme structure

Modules are carried out during the daytime. Each 15-credit programme is completed in one semester, with three study sessions lasting three days each.

Programme fees

Academic year 2016/2017
Programme of 15 credits: NOK 40 100
Programme of 15 credits with module abroad: NOK 44 700
Programme of 30 credits: NOK 84 800

Academic year 2017/2018
Programme of 15 credits: NOK 41 000
Programme of 15 credits with module abroad: NOK 45 700
Programme of 30 credits: NOK 86 700

Admission requirements

Read the admission requirements for this programme.