Master of Science

Law and Business

Would you like to better understand the connection between law and the economy and how it impacts business and society? Gain cross-discipline insight that is highly sought after in the job market today.

This master programme is taught in Norwegian. More detailed information about the programme can be found on our Norwegian pages.

What will you learn?

In order to make sound and sustainable decisions, you need to be able to see the whole picture and the relationships in the issues you are facing. You need to have enough insight to understand the complexity, and the skill of knowing which considerations should weigh heavily in achieving the desired result. That is why it is important to acquire interdisciplinary expertise. This master programme focuses on two of the most important pillars of our society, law and business, which will enable you to assess issues from an economic and legal perspective.

This is a two-year programme, focusing on among other topics:

  • Legal methods and the economy
  • Financial and political risk in international trade
  • Contracts, negotiations and contract management

Practical information