Master of Science in Quantitative Finance

+1 Model

If you have already earned a master's degree and would like to complete the Master of Science in Quantitative Finance programme, you may qualify for our accelerated +1 Model.

+1 Model

For those who have already completed a relevant MSc degree, for example in Finance, Business Administration, or Economics, it may be possible to reduce the length of study time by having certain subjects approved from a previously earned MSc degree.

Certain minimum requirements must be met to qualify for admission to the programme. Some applicants may receive full credit for previously completed courses, while others may have to take additional courses. An individual assessment of your qualifications will be conducted upon applying for admission. For complete details, please see the programme specific Admission Requirements for the +1 Model.

Programme Structure

  • Core courses Courses common across all programmes at BI.
  • Programme courses Courses specific to this programme.
  • Electives Courses you can choose yourself.