Course description

Contemporary Topics in Organizational Behavior


Research on organizational behavior focuses on the understanding of employee behaviors and attitudes that ultimately contribute to organizational success or failure. The study of organizational behavior seeks to identify factors that influence employees, the processes by which these factors exert their influence and ways of applying this knowledge within organizations.

Course content

  • The field of organizational behavior
  • Motivation and job design
  • Learning
  • The employee-organization relationship
  • Organisational justice
  • Social exhange theory
  • Leader-member exchange
  • Perceived organisational support
  • Organisational commitment


Learning outcome knowledge

After completion, students should:
1) Be acquainted with major perspectives and theories used to understand organizational behavior and ways to study it.
2) Be able to identify and present research frontiers within organizational behavior.
3) Be able to identify and position research opportunities within organizational behavior.
4) Be acquainted with relevant research journals, communities, and conferences.

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 100%