Course description

Human Resource Management


Management is basically about getting things done through human resources. This course is intended to address how organizations can and actually do manage human resources. The course will expose the participants to the intersection between Human Resource Management (HRM) and strategy, other main functions of the organization, and micro research on employeesÂ’ behavior, motivation, attitudes, and performance (from fields such as organizational behavior and organizational and industrial psychology)

Course content

  • Overview of the field and strategic HRM
  • HRM and organizational performance
  • Selceted single HR-practices
  • Implementation of HRM practices


Learning outcome knowledge

After completion, students should:
1) Be acquainted with major perspectives and theories used to understand HRM and ways to study it.
2) Be able to identify and present research frontiers within HRM.
3) Be able to identify and position research opportunities within HRM.
4) Be acquainted with relevant research journals, communities, and conferences.
5) Be acquainted with how to teach or otherwise communicate HRM research to a wider audience (i.e. students and practitioners).

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 100%