Course description

Topics in Corporate Finance


A one semester course comprised of 2-3 different topics in the area of Corporate Finance. The course will primarily be taught by faculty from BI's finance department who will teach a topic of their own choosing, typically, but not necessarily, a topic related to the lecturer’s own research agency. The course is intended for students who wish to write their thesis in corporate finance and related topics.

Course content

Each topic may be comprised of standard lectures and/or research paper reading sessions and student presentations of research papers. It may be part of a lecturer’s topic that students submit a research proposal or other smaller assignments.
The exact topics of the courses may vary from year to year depending on which faculty teaches the course. A complete list of articles and book chapters will be distributed in advance of the course.

Learning outcome knowledge

  1. To give students insights into current research topics in the area of Corporate Finance.
  2. To give students insights into how to structure a research question and write papers.
  3. To help students formulate and get started on their own research.
  4. To help students get acquainted with the research areas of the finance faculty and to promote interaction between faculty and PhD students.

Exam organisation

  • Written assignment: 100%