Strategic Management

This PhD specialisation is developed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills which enable them to produce important and original research of high quality.

Specialisation Objectives

The PhD specialisation in Strategic Management is developed to provide candidates with the knowledge and skills which enable them to produce important and original research of high quality. The specialisation builds on the research competence of the Department of Strategy and Logistics at BI Norwegian Business School, which aims to be among the leading strategy research departments in Europe. The specialisation is appropriate for highly motivated and capable individuals who want to pursue academic careers at top international level.

The programme will focus on the field of Strategic Management from different theoretical and disciplinary perspectives, which is reflected in the course programme. The specialisation adheres to an open and pluralistic view of research, and the programme will provide a basis for a mature and critical attitude towards research in Strategic Management through in-depth study of theoretical and methodological issues.

The Department

The department provides teaching and conducts research on strategic perspectives in the areas of management, technology, organisations, decision-making and value creation, on a national as well as global scale. The department consists of approximately 50 faculty members.

It is a research-oriented department that aims at producing research that makes a difference, both for businesses and organisations that use the knowledge and for the academic community. The department has a strong track record of publications in top journals. A list of recent publications are available on the Department's website.

BI Norwegian Business School

Department of Strategy

Helene Loe Colman

Associate Dean for Specialisation in Strategic Management

Specialisation in Strategic Management

Specialisation in Strategic Management

Course Plan

Specialisation in Strategic Management



Areas of Research

  • Business strategy; especially models for value creation
  • Corporate strategy; e.g. mergers and acquisitions
  • International strategy; e.g. evolution of multinational companies, global corporate configuration, management of knowledge development and transfer across borders
  • Strategy processes and implementation

Distinguishing Features of the Specialisation

  • Emphasis on quantitative as well as qualitative research methodologies
  • Highly international profile (faculty as well as PhD candidates)
  • Focus on international academic communication and knowledge dissemination through journal publications and conference participation

"Pursuing a PhD in the Department of Strategy gave me an opportunity to work closely with internationally recognised scholars in strategy and international management. The faculty members' enthusiasm and collaborative nature made the experience very rewarding. Upon graduation, BI's reputation in the field also opened doors for international job opportunities."


BI PhD alumni and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary


BI Norwegian Busines School offers generous scholarship opportunities to fund PhD candidates. Our PhD candidates are temporarily hired by BI and receive financial support for four years.


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