Viacheslav Iurkov

Viacheslav is a PhD Candidate from Ukraine. In this interview he talks about what it's like to take a PhD in Oslo.

What is your impression of Norway in general?
My impression of Norway is very positive. Everything works very smoothly, and there are no bureaucratic problems, because the faculty facilitates almost everything. When I first arrived here, BI staff joined me at the police station to get my work permit, and even helped me create a bank account.

What is BI’s best advantage as an academic institution?
Academically, I appreciate the program here. When I applied for the position, I was particularly interested in Professor Gabriel Benito’s work. It’s a flexible place to work and there are plenty of opportunities to go to conferences internationally.

What are the 3 best things in your working environment at the Department that you appreciate most?
I appreciate the friendly people, that there's no hierarchy, and the nice facilities.

What is your impression of the employment conditions in Norway?
I would say that you won’t find better working conditions than in Norway. There's no workplace tension and people are easy to talk to.

How do you feel you were integrated into the department as a new employee?
I was integrated into the department really quickly. I didn’t feel like I was in a particular program - it went really smoothly.