Professor Håkan Håkansson at BI Norwegian Business School is awarded the Herbert Simon Award 2010 for his research on business networks.

RESEARCH AWARD: Herbert Simon Award 2010

Professor Håkan Håkansson is now in the company of some of the world’s top researchers within the various areas of business.

The prize is awarded by Rajk László College for Advanced Studies at Corvinius University in Budapest, Hungary.

The prize is awarded for first-rate research with both practical and theoretical relevance for the development of global business and management. In addition, the research must have left its mark on teaching and the current economics students’ thinking.

International team of stars

With this, Håkansson lands in the company of some of the world’s top researchers within business and management subjects.

Previous winners are international stars such as Professor James March from Stanford University (2005), Professor Henry Mintzberg from McGill University (2006) Professor Michael C. Jensen from Harvard University (2007), Professor Robert Grant from Bocconi University (2008) and Professor C. K. Prahalad from the University of Michigan (2009).

Business in networks

Professor Håkan Håkansson at BI Norwegian Business School has been researching the relationships between players in industrial networks for close to 40 years.

“A lot of the potential for value creation, whether we’re talking about buying, marketing or innovation, is between players in networks, and not within the business in question itself,” Håkansson states.

Håkansson is a key profile in the research group IMP Group (Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group), which has been the birthplace of 140 PhDs and countless books and conferences since the mid-1970s.

What does the award mean to you?

“Getting the award is cool. It means a lot to the gang (IMP Group), who have been researching industrial networks for almost 40 years. This is an important recognition of the fact that our work means something, both in theory and in practice,” Håkansson says.



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