How is CSR embedded in IBM, and what challenges and opportunities will the future bring? Watch video interview with IBM Vice President Caroline Taylor.

At the CSR Conference 2012 hosted by BI Norwegian Business School in collaboration with The Ministery of Foreign Affairs 13th and 14th of November, IBM VP for marketing, communication and citizenship, UK & Irland, Caroline Taylor talks about how CSR is embedded in IBM, and what challenges and opportunities she sees in the future.

In a roundtable debate Caroline Taylor, together with Professor Reve defended the corporate world. Their opponents, represented by two of the most radical challengers to CSR and the corporate world: Joel Bakan at the University of British Columbia, one of the North America's leading critical thinkers on challenges to the market economy and the corporation, and George Monbiot, English environmental activist, Guardian columnist and author of bestselling books on the challenges related to business and globalisation.


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