How can health care be delivered more effectively at a significantly lower cost, while increasing sustainability and quality of life? Watch this video interview with Steven DeMello, Director of Health Care at CITRIS at UC Berkeley.

Director of Health Care at CITRIS at UC Berkeley, Steven DeMello, is connected to the research project Value-driven Service Innovation at BI Norwegian Business School. Watch DeMello present some of the most significant findings from the study on how the health care sector can be moved one step ahead.

About Steven DeMello

DeMello has extensive experience within research, hospital operations, strategic planning, systems management and consulting. DeMello is currently the Director of Health Care at CITRIS at UC Berkeley. Previously DeMello was the Executive Director and Senior Advisor of HealthTech, a non-profit research group and network located in San Francisco. Furthermore, has DeMello served as COO of Ezborad Inc. as well as President and COO of Alliance Home Care Management Inc. DeMello holds a BA in Economics from Claremont McKenna College and an MBA from the University of Chicago. 


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