Researching business interaction: Introducing a conceptual framework and methodology

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 - Morten Høie Abrahamsen


Purpose The purpose of this paper is to introduce a conceptual framework and a methodology for researching business interaction. Design/methodology/approach The paper briefly presents what business interaction is from an international marketing and purchasing perspective. It then discusses some epistemological and methodological challenges that this understanding implies, particularly concerning the time (when) and space (where) dimensions of interaction, the unit of analysis when researching interaction (who interacts), how the actors explain or make sense of interaction (why they interact), and the way in which (how) they interact. The paper subsequently introduces a conceptual framework that enables analysing interaction on the principal dimensions of time (the past, present, and the future) and space (actor, dyadic, and network level), and the ascription or explanation of these dimensions by the actors involved. Findings This framework is then applied to interview data from an empirical case study that demonstrates its methodological as well as practical application as a research technique. The paper ends with a discussion on how this framework can enhance the understanding of business interaction as researchers. Originality/value The data collection and analysis technique represents a novel way to collect, systematise, and analyse qualitative data that will hopefully add to the understanding of business interaction

Abrahamsen, M. H. (2016). Researching business interaction: Introducing a conceptual framework and methodology. The IMP Journal, 10(3), 464-482

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