Virtual Panel on AI Governance at the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference

The NCIS organised a panel at the 14th international conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) entitled ‘Global AI Governance: Perspectives from Four Continents’.

There is lot of discussion on the social, political, and economic impact of AI and one sobering fact in such discussions is that the benefits and harms are not distributed equally across populations and geographies. We set up this panel with the objective of bringing a global and multi-continent perspective on the governance of AI. Discussion questions include:

- Why is it desirable to develop global standards and norms for AI governance?
- Do we have shared concerns on the societal impacts of AI across geographies, let alone how to address them?
- Assuming that there are shared concerns, is it possible to come up with solutions agreeable across different continents?

To help us answer these questions, we’ve invited leading experts to discuss AI governance from the perspective of the EU, US, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, focusing on salient concerns and governance approaches in these regions. The panel was organised under the auspices of the ‘Triple Partnership for Responsible AI (3AI)’ project, which is funded by the Norwegian Research Council. For further details about the panel, see https://2021.cpdpconferences.net/talks/global-ai-governance-perspectives-from-four-continents/