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Centre for Digitalization

What is digitization, how does digitization influence markets and strategies, and what can companies do to adapt to digital competition and exploit digital technology?

The iAD project

The Center for Technology Strategy was initially formed with the started with the iAD project, described below. Over time, other projects vill be added.

iAD: Information Access Disruption

Information access technology has emerged as one of the most innovative technology areas impacting a wide range of industries, business models and even social patterns. The iAD Centre targets core research for next generation precision, analytics and scale in the information access domain.

The iAD Research Centre offers a unique environment for core research on next generation information access solutions. This potential has been recognised by the Research Council of Norway by establishing iAD as a Centre for Research-based Innovation. Ts The main objective for the Centres for Research-based Innovation (CRIs) is to enhance the capability of the business sector to innovate by focusing on long-term research based on forging close alliances between research-intensive enterprises and prominent research groups.

iAD is hosted by Fast Search & Transfer in collaboration with the following partners

  • Cornell University
  • Dublin City University
  • BI Norwegian Business School
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of Oslo
  • University of Tromsø
  • Accenture
  • Schibsted

iAD focuses academic research on:

  1. Create schema agnostic indexing services fusing structured, unstructured and multimedia content in precision, analytics and scale optimized information access services
  2. Develop scalable and fault-tolerant system architectures including data processing and mining platforms for capturing, cleaning, and extracting knowledge from high-speed data streams
  3. Develop and validate in real environments next generation infrastructure for distributed information access
  4. Develop extreme precision solutions for access to multimedia
  5. Identify disruptive processes either within information access or enabled by information access solutions that can be used as a cluster foundation for Norwegian IT innovation