Coolcrowd: Is crowdfunding a climate solution?

New report in the Coolcrowd-project describes Norwegians’ attitudes to crowdfunding climate measures in the agricultural sector.

The report, written by researchers at the Centre for Sustainability and Energy, gives insights into the findings of workpackage 4 “public engagement for local crowdfunding of climate measures”. It summarizes the findings of a representative national survey of 1500 respondents and describe the Norwegian public’s attitudes towards crowdfunding, Norwegian agriculture, climate change and different financing models for climate measures.

Of four climate solutions, respondents indicate that solar panels on barns are the most popular climate technology, for which respondents indicate an average willingness to pay of 186 NOK through a crowdfunding campaign. On average each respondent is willing to pay 161 NOK each for any climate measure. About half of the sample say it is important that the supported measures have proven climate effects. Still, one fifth indicate wiliness to support novel climate measures, not yet tested at large scale in Norwegian agriculture. Roughly 50% indicate that they prefer to support farmers in their local neighbourhood.