Centre for Sustainability and Energy

Forum for Business in Society

Strengthening sustainable business practice and responsible innovation.

The forum will explore sustainability challenges and solution oriented innovations among Norwegian/Nordic enterprises and the public sector. Selected cases will be developed to serve as input to stakeholder dialogues and foresight activities.

The forum brings together researchers, companies, policy-makers, and civil society organizations to create collaborative learning arenas in academic workshops and conferences as well as in stakeholder dialogues and organized exercises for shared earning.

An additional goal is to study the existence and content of a Nordic approach to sustainability, and assess its competitiveness in a global landscape. Particular attention will be given to how the Nordic approach allows technological progress and business innovations to be better shared with society at large.

The forum is part of AFINO, a five-year virtual learning and network centre funded by the by the Research Council of Norway under SAMANSVAR programme. AFINO is headed by NTNU in collaboration with BI, UiB, OsloMet, NIFU, UiS and GenØk.

For more information about AFINO, see the centre’s own webpages.


Kick-start av case om petroleumsnæringens møte med klimautfordringene på fem kontinenter

I AFINOs arbeidspakke 5 som ledes av BI utvikler vi case-studier med fokus på bedrifter og samfunn. Vårt første case omhandler petroleumsnæringens møte med klimautfordringene, som er en av Norges og andre petroleumsnasjoners store utfordringer.