EU Horizon 2020

BI Team

The Nordic Centre for Internet and Society at BI Norwegian Business School will bring into the project their expertise on sharing economy, digital labour, management, and organizational psychology research.

The team at BI will take the lead on organising and directing the project, while also contributing to all project aspects: participation, privacy, power, and platforms. 

Christian Fiesler

Christian Fieseler is professor for communication management at BI Norwegian Business School and the founding director of the Nordic Centre for Internet and Society. He received his PhD in Management and Economics from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 2008.

At the former, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher, as well as at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and at Stanford University, before joining BI, in 2014. Christian’s research interests center on organizational identity, corporate social responsibility, and computer-mediated-communication. His research is focused on the question of how individuals and organizations adapt to the shift brought by new, social media, and how to design participative and inclusive spaces in this new media regime. In this field, he has over the last few years, worked extensively on unemployment and technology and new working modes.

Christoph Lutz

Christoph is an assistant professor at the Nordic Centre for Internet & Society at BI Norwegian Business School (Oslo) and an affiliated researcher associate at the University of Leipzig. His work is in the field of new communication technologies and social media, where he investigates digital inequalities, online participation, trust, privacy and the sharing economy.

Christoph has a background in sociology, economics and media science, with a PhD from the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland). In 2015, Christoph was a visiting researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford). 

Gemma Newlands

Gemma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classics (First Class) and a Master of Philosophy in Roman History, both from the University of Oxford. Since graduating, Gemma has worked with a number of leading technology start-ups in London.

Gemma’s interests include the sharing economy, digital labour and youth experiences online. Gemma will be working across the work packages, but with a focus on Power. 

Ingrid Martine Håpnes Helmersen

Ingrid Martine is a Research Advisor at BI Norwegian Business School. Ingrid Martine has a master’s degree in European Studies from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (where she specialized in studies of the EU as a global actor). Ingrid Martine has been following this project from the application phase and will provide administrative support to the coordination of the project.