#NORA Launches 2022 Research Report

In September The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management (#NORA) released their 2022 research report. A webinar was also held to discuss and share insights about the report.

The Nordic Communications Report 2022 sheds light on both current and future trends in the communication field across the Nordic region. It explores a spectrum of relevant themes, such as diversity, equality, and inclusion; empathic leadership in communication teams, work engagement and mental health; CommTech, and more.

The report was co-authored by Winni Johansen (BI & University of Aarhus), Sabrina Doberts (University of Aarhus), Finn Frandsen (BI & University of Aarhus), Alexander Buhmann (BI), Vilma Luoma-aho (Jyväskylä University), Jesper Falkheimer (Lund University), and Ansgar Zerfass (BI & Leipzig University).

More than 400 people registered for the webinar

For the launch of the report, a webinar was held with the CEOs of the four Nordic communication associations. How does the desire for diversity, equality and inclusion affect communication? What is the state of mental health among communication professionals and how can one be an empathic leader in times of collaborative working? These were only some of the questions that were talked about in the webinar. 

More than 400 people registered for the webinar, in which researchers and leading practitioners shared their reflections about key results from the research report.

Some of those who spoke at the event were Pelle Nilsson (of K1 Kommunikationsforening, Denmark), Winni Johansen (of BI and Aarhus University), Caroline Thunved (of Sveriges Kommunikatörer, Sweden), Lene Bergman (of Kommunikasjonsforeningen, Norway), Jarno Forssell( of ProCom – Viestinnän ammattilaiset ry, Finland), and Dennis Larsen (of the European Association of Communication Directors).

Collaborations and corporate partners

The report helps to identify key trends in the communication field in the Nordics and benchmark results between the countries and in comparison with the rest of Europe. The 2022 report is the second Nordic study of its kind and was produced in cooperation with the European Communication Monitor series (ECM). 

#NORA - The Nordic Alliance for Communication & Management would like to thank its members and corporate partners who supported the research and outreach initiatives. These are Kia Haring (of Tietoevry), Håkon Mageli (of Orkla Group), Cathrine Torp (of Revisorforeningen, formerly at the Research Council of Norway), Ulrike Haugen (of DNV) and Yngve Kveine (of BI Norwegian Business School).

The report was prepared in collaboration with the four major Nordic communication associations (Sveriges Kommunikatörer, Kommunikasjonsforeningen, ProCom – Viestinnän ammattilaiset ry and K1 Kommunikationsforening), as well as the European Communication Monitor series lead by Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfass (Leipzig University).