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Qualitative Research Forum

The BI Qualitative Research Forum serves as a network where researchers can meet, share expertise, learn new things, and support early career scholars and PhD students who want to embrace the same methodological interest.

These events include research seminars, workshops and full-day events and were held in virtual, physical and hybrid formats.

Spring 2023

  • (Re)interpreting social interaction 'data': A mode-enhanced transcribing process
    Qian Li, Dundee University and Warwick Business School
    16 March
  • How to publish from problem-driven research?
    Eric Breit, BI Norwegian Business School
    13 April
  • Visualizing Qualitative Research
    Keynote speakers: Davide Ravasi (UCL), Helene Colman (BI) and Davide Nicolini (BI/WBS)
    Organizing committee: Vidya Oruganti, NHH, Inger Stensaker, NHH, Renate Kratochvil, BI, & Davide Nicolini, BI/WBS
    5 May 2023
  • Using diaries in qualitative research
    Ingrid Erickson, Syracuse University
     15 June

Fall 2022

  • Working with Archival Data
    Rolv Petter Amdam, BI Norwegian Business School. 24.November
  • How to write process papers?
    Ann Langley, HEC Montreal.
    24 October
  • Coding and categorizing 
    Stine Grodal, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University. 
    29 September
  • Reflexivity and Reflexive Practice
    Paul Hibbert, University of St. Andrews
    7 September

Spring 2022

  • Qualitative process and practice research in strategy. A one-day community-building gathering 
    6 May

    - The tumult over transparency: Decoupling transparency from replication in establishing trustworthy qualitative research, Richard Whittington, Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

    - Collaborating with firms as part of qualitative research.Inger Stensaker, NHH, and Martin Friesl, University of Bamberg & NHH
  • Writing Persuasive Qualitative Research
    Ann Langley, HEC Montreal.
    17 March
  • Trends in theory and theorizing in management and organizational research, Joep Cornelissen.
    31 January

Fall 2021

  • Ethnographic fieldwork, data analyses, and narrative syntheses
    Benedicte Brøgger, BI Norwegian Business School.
    2 December
  • Qualitative Comparative Analysis
    Santi Furnari, Bayes Business School.
    14 October
  • All Information Systems Theory Is Grounded Theory
    Natalia Levina, New York University Stern School of Business.
    9 September

Spring 2021

  • Toward a more dynamic view of coding & iterating in research
    Karen Golden-Biddle, Questrom School of Business at Boston University.
    8 April
  • Publishing qualitative research in top management journals: an editor’s view
    Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Cambridge Judge Business School.
    6 May
  • The teaching of the other: Ethical vulnerability and generous reciprocity in the research process
    Arne Carlsen, BI Norwegian Business School.
    17 June