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09.07.2016: Professor Eli Moen: Cited in DN in connection with an article about European aerospace.

08.30.2016: Associate professor Tor Bang: With statement to Dagbladet about Trump.

08.28.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: With comments to E24 about the report which is created by PwC for the European Commision in connection with the sharing economy.

08.24.2016: Professor Sigrid Røyseng and associate professor Terje Gaustad: Says in an article to Dagsavisen whether the focus on Norwegian film in an increasingly globalized film industry.

08.18.2016: Adjunct Senior Lecturer Audun Molde: With statement to the newspaper Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen about college for pop music at Lillehammer.

08.16.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: With statement to Aftenposten in connection with the phenomenon of crowdfunding.

08.08.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Indicates to Aftenposten that 'Janteloven' is one of the reason that crowdfunding is not becoming higher in Norway.

08.08.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: With comments to Dagens Næringsliv in connection with online markedplaces in the Norwegian market.

03.08.2016: Lecturer II Audun Molde: With statement to Vårt Land that technological development has shifted power in the music market and away from the media.

08.02.2016: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: With statement to NRK about. cultural institutions and what they are most passionate about. Not what our audience is interested in.

08.02.2016: Professor Morten Huse: With statement to Bergens Tidende about change of chairman in Statkraft.

07.28.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to Kampanje in conjunction with the use of consultancy relating to speech in the public sector.

07.24.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believe, she says to Bergens Tidende, that change of name at Statoil gas stations, that may affect loyalty retention among people.

07.15.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: With statement to E24 in conjunction with dynamic pricing in stores.

07.06.2016: Associate professor Dominique Kost: Used terrorist attempt to understand virtual teams. Read Digital kommunikasjon.

07.05.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Says to NRK in connection with the Opera: "It is very special that an institution that gets so much public support became used for private parties."

07.02.2016: Professor Eli Moen: With statement o Dagbladet in connection with the conflict between pilots and Norwegian.

07.01.2016: Associate professor Dominique Cost: With five tricks to improve cooperation in Renholdsnytt.

07.01.2016: Professor Eli Moen: With statement to Klassekampen in conjunction with the Nordic model as regards education.

06.30.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: With a chronicle in Stavanger Aftenblad about new type of economy.

06.28.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: In advertising in Aftenpostens Brand Studio.

06.26.2016: Associate professor Knut Kolnar: With statement to BT-magasinet associated with tattoos.

06.25.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: The chronicle of Romsdals Budstikke: How operate restructuring.

06.24.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: With statement to DN about Brexit in connection with the British network giant.

06.24.2016: Lecturer II Audun Molde and research assistant Øyvind Torp: With statements to Ballade in connection with the "flow services."

06.14.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: Commented in Enebakk Avis in connection with e-commerce.

06.14.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: With three advice for smarter businesses in BI - Business Review.

06.14.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to NRK about DNB lashes project.

06.13.2016: Professor Morten Huse: The European Academy of Management (Eurama) has appointed Prof. Dr. Huse, professor of corporate governance, business ethics and social change at the University of Witten / Herdecke, to "Fellow" in Eurama.

06.11.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furuseth: With statement to DN about his research concerning. Innovation - Three advices for smarter businesses.

05.29.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Referred in EL PAÌS about the quata of woman in European companies.

05.24.2016: Førsteamanuensis Peder Inge Furseth: With statement to lDNGründer in connection with e-commerce entrepreneurs.

05.23.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Being referenced in the Frankfurter Allgemeine about quotas for woman on boards worldwide.

05.13.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Being referenced in Ukeavisen Ledelse in connection with the development board performance.

04.29.2016: Adjunct Lecturer Steinar Bjartveit: Richard III a horror picture for leaders he says to Ukeavisen Ledelse.

04.28.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: Speaking to VG in connection with the selection of Sead Dizdarevic.

04.27.2016: Lecturer Dominique Kost: Her doctoral study on virtual teams in Ledernytt.

04.15.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: Referenced in DN associated with DNB case.

04.12.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Says to NRK nyheter that the Board must be more active in the companies.

04.12.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Spoke to NRK in conjunction with the Board and CEO of DNB, related to Panama revelations.

04.07.2016: Associate professor Christian Fieseler and associate professor Sut I Wong: The article based on their research 'Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy' referenced in Kapital.

04.07.2016: Associate professor Tor Bang: Speaking to VG about DNB.

04.07.2016: Associate professor Tor Bang: With statement to P4 about DNB.

04.04.2016: Associate professor Kristian Alm: With statement to E24 in connection with DNB's tax practice.

04.04.2016: Professor Morten Huse: With statement to Stavanger Aftenblad about rules on gender quotas in Norway

04.04.2016: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Cited on TV2's website in connection with online cinema.

04.01.2016: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: With statement to Aftenposten about home video market.

03.31.2016: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Commented in Kinomagasinet about the pilot project by home video market.

03.17.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to Budstikka about Plan and Building Services.

03.16.2016: Associate professor Tor Bang: Speaking to Universitas that INSIDE does not follow ethical rules.

03.10.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to VG about Maria Sharapova..

03.09.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted in Slovenian newspaper DELO in connection with its presentation on 40% quota in terms of women in the Norwegian economy.

03.08.2016: Associate professor Kristian Alm: With statement to Fædrelandsvennen in connection with the composition of the

03.07.2016: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: Cited in VG associated with the elderly and Ecommerce.

02.27.2016: Professor Morten Huse: With statement to E24 about new Report: Women managers for increased profit.

25.02.2016: Professor Morten Huse: His research mentioned in Finnish Yle Uutiset - Extensive research showing that women in management improves profitability.

02.25.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Cited by ABC Nyheter about his research that companies with women in management are more profitable.

02.24.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Cited in Nettavisen forskning.no with statements in article on women in management.

02.22.2016: Høyskolelektor Dominique Kost: Her research cited in Ledernytt

02.22.2016: Professor em. Tor Grenness: With statement in DN about American leader guru.

02.22.016: Associate professor Maria Isaksson: Cited in DN associated with "executive's speech.

02.18.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: In connection with the report on value creation is the book business discusssed in Klassekampen.

02.17.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Report on value creation in the creative industry are discussed in Aftenposten.

02.12.2016: Associate Professor Terje Gaustad: Speaking to Aftenposten in connection with the conflict between Canal Digital and Discovery Networks.

02.11.2016: Associate Professor Peder-Inge Furuseth: With posts on debate in Aftenposten.

02.05.2016: Associate Professor Sut I Wong: Active and passive management may be perceived equally. Read: Tidskr. for norsk psykolog.forening.

02.04.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to Dagens Næringsliv in conjunction with Discovery Channel and its requirements.

02.01.2016: Associate Professor Peder-Inge Furseth: Speaking to the Finansavisen about Lefdal.no.

01.15.2016: Professor Guri Hjeltnes was interview in The New York Times in conjunction with BI's Executive Programme students visits in NY.

01.13.2016: Professor Knut Kolnar: With statement to Fædrelandsvennen Fædrelandsvennen associated with prom.

01.12.2016: Professor Peggy Brønn: With critical statement to Kampanje about LHL for their promotional campaign.

01.09.2016: Professor Morten Huse: With statemen to Finansavisen in connection with the newspaper's review of the network of chairmen.

01.07.2016: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: With statement to Ballade in connection with 'crow funding'.

01.07.2016: Professor em. Tor Grenness: About open office in Ledernytt.

01.07.2016: Professor Morten Huse: Not given that every woman contributes to the profitability of a company, he says to Romerikes Blad.


12.31.2015: Professor em. Tor Grenness: Post in DN - Decisions on offices taken on too badly empirical basis.

12.15.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Aftenposten with commentary under the headline "An opera for people" panel statement.

12.14.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: As head of the panel for the evaluation of the Norwegian Opera and Ballet, the report was handed over Culture Minister Widvey.

12.10.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: She says to VG as a communication expert that Aaser used well-known technique when he hired new head of Telenor.

12.09.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: The financial industry is perceived as greedy looked from outside, she says to Finansfokus.no.

12.09.2015: Professor Morten Huse: The board has been very conscious he says to Aftenposten, in connection with Telenor and election of women to senior management.

12.08.2015: Adjunct Senior Lecturer: With statement to the ministers who are concerned that people do not know the words to the Christmas songs.

11.30.2015: Associate Professor Terje Gaustad: "Frost" -sales-figures is impressive, he says to NRK.

11.20.2015: Associate Professor Peder Inge Furseth: It is immoral to want to make money on the sale of certain symbols associated with Paris terror, he says to NRK.

11.20.2015: Lecturer II Steinar Bjartveit: Use Ibsen in his teaching in Management. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse.

11.17.2015: Associate Professor Peder Inge Furseth: To Dagens Næringsliv he says: "Looking more jobs" - because the provision of services will increase.

11.16.2015: Associate Professor Peder: To DN.no Entrepreneur he says: Sharing the economy will emply more, not fewer.

11.11.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Speaks to Nationen that the Arts Council should be moved out of Oslo.

11.10.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: With critical statement to NRK in connection with the culture minister's prestige project.

11.10.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: With statement to Aftenposten in connection with the debate on the Arts Council's independence / location.

11.06.2015: Associate professor: Jo Bech-Karlsen: With debate in Morgenbladet in connection with this year's Nobel Prize in Literature to Svetlana Aleksijevits'.

11.04.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn, Accosiate Professor Tor Bang in cooperation with Øystein Bonvik: Published textbook titled: 'An Introduction to PR. Theory, process and practice'. Read Bærumsavisen entitled 'Norwegian PR pioneer was from Bærum'.

11.03.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: It has over time been a need for increased management expertise in cultural life. Cultural Leadership is therefore a new master's program at BI.

11.03.2015: Associate professor Tor Bang: Helping to nominate two undergraduates to get Gullprisen 2015. Read Dagningen.

10.31.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Speaking to VG news clips in connection with Hillary Clinton and her emails.

10.27.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: In connection with the VW affair she says to Hegnar.no: It will be expensive, but not killing.

10.26.2015: Associate professor Ratib Lekhal til Ringerikes Blad: Research shows that high-quality day care has significance for children's language and social development.

10.23.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted under Theme: Generation Enterprises in Gjengangeren.

11.22.2015 Associate professor Sut in Wong Humborstad: With guest commentary in Kapital with the headline: Do you know what your employees think of you?

10.21.2015: Assistant Professor Anitra Figenschou: With statement to Dagbladet in connection with the idea of having the fishing industry on cost-sharing for the world's biggest book fair in Frankfurt.

10.15.2015: Professor em. Tor Grenness: - Larger wage gap between the peaks and the floor, he says to Dagsavisen.

10.15.2015: Professor Johan From: Teachers appear to be whiny he says to Aftenposten.
October 8th: Professor em. Berit von der Lippe: Women's roles in wars is undercommunicated, she says to Journalen.hioa.no

10.02.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: In the past she has been critical towards the so called "hub scheme", which is now being removed. It is not necessarily negative that the Council for culture decides who will receive support, she says to Aftenposten

09.27.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Among those who make statements to E24 in connection with the VW-scandal.

09.25.2015: Professor Johan From: A particularly exciting challenge to work with the so called "Larvik-model", in which teachers are also teamleaders, he says to Østlands-posten

09.25.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: The worst crisis that may strike an organization, she says to Aftenposten in connection with the VW-scandal.

09.24.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Answers Aftenposten in connection with the VW-case: "Americans are probably much more upset by this. People associate their identity to their car and have bought it in good faith".

09.22.2015: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: Has made a comment to Bo Bedre in connection with the exchange club Behomm.

09.22.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: With today's quote in Trønderavisa

09.21.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: According to Trønder-Avisa she will lead the program at the anniversary conference of the Norwegian Council for Culture (Norsk kulturråd) in November.

09.18.2015: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: The weekly newspaper Ledelse refers to her research concerning the differences between Nordic leaders when it comes to business culture and communication.

09.16.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: In VG she endorses rhetoric expert who claims that Coop is about to be harmed by the Northug conflict.

09.16.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Makes comments on the criticism of the Minister of Culture, Widvey, in Dagsavisen

09.17.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Says to Dagbladet that Widvey may be the first minister who will have to leave office.

09.09.2015: Associate professor Maria Isaksson: Has been interviewed in P4 on the Crown Prince couple's vacation.

09.08.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Tremendous prestige in UN job, she says to Budstikka

09.07.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Networking is important - especially in Norway, says Peggy to Budstikka

09.07.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: The value of media coverage is a questionable measure of the value of PR. Read INSIDE

09.04.2015: Professor Johan From: With his statement in Ukeavisen Ledelse on "Norway's best restructuring".

09.04.2015: Associate professor Mona Solvoll: With her views on ad blocking in Klassekampen - Kultur og medier

08.24.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: With his views regarding streaming in Ballade. Reference also to previous posts in Ballade

08.24.2015: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Commenting on the app Filmgrail in Aftenposten

08.18.2015: Assistant professor II Ratna Kamsvåg: Rhetoric expert in Klassekampen in connection with the party leader debate in Arendal.

08.16.2015: Associate professor Maria Isaksson: With a statement to Nettavisen in connection with Donald Trump.

08.11.2015: Assistant professor II Ratna Kamsvåg: Read article in Aftenpostens- Meninger og debatt about "Støre's big shoes".

08.09.2015: Associate professor Knut Kolnar: Identity is the huge scarcity good, he says to DN

08.07.2015: Assistant professor II Ratna Kamsvåg: Believes Solberg was clearly the best in the first party leader debate. Read Aftenposten

08.04.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn and Associate professor Tor Bang: Are having their new book on PR reviewed in DN. The book is published together with Øystein Bonvik.

08.04.2015: Associate professor Jo Bech-Karlsen: Comments on the matter of plagiarism in Klassekampen

07.31.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Summer interview in the magazine Kampanje

07.30.2015: Assistant professor II Ratna Kamsvåg: Questions the use of the 22nd of July in VG's advertising campaign: Read Kampanje

07.17.2015: Associate professor Mona Solvoll: Quoted in Klassekampen: "Digital media act like a fly-paper on non serious agents".

07.08.2015: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Participating in the discussion about Norwegian streaming services. Read Dagsavisen

07.05.2015: Associate professor Knut Kolnar: Statement in DN in connection with article on "Private consumption".

07.05.2015: Associate professor Tor Bang: Makes a statement to Kampanje: Before one managed by being good at writing.

06.27.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Points out to Finansavisen that Norwegian has shown creativity in connection with using foreign labour. By that they erode the Norwegian welfare system, she says to Finansavisen

06.27.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: States to Dagsavisen that cultural institutions in the United States are engaging in selv-censorship in order to adapt to sponsors.

06.26.2015: Professor Eli Moen: New ways of interpreting the law, she says to Finansavisen.no in connection with Norwegian.

06.26.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: In Ballade where her appointment to the Council for Industrial Policy (Næringspolitisk råd) was announced.

06.23.2015: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: Says to Dagsavisen: "The weapons sponsor may impair the reputation".

06.21.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: Input to the debate in Dagsavisen: Why are revenues distributed differently now than when people bought records?

06.18.2015: Professor Johan From: To Kommunal rapport: Nursery staff should be more concerned with the results than with the instruments, he says.

06.18.2015: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: Debate in Aftenposten about recycling.

06.17.2015: Professor Johan From: With input to the debate in Aftenposten about management of nurseries.

06.15.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Between stoch exchange and cathedral - The difficult balancing act. Read: Museumsnytt

06.11.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Makes statement to Vårt Land concerning Christ as a carnival symbol in Sandvika.

06.06.2015: Associate professor Mona Solvoll: Quoted in Harstad Tidende where she explains the difference between Champions League and Super Bowl.

06.06.2015: Professor em. Berit von der Lippe: With article in Dagbladet - "Språkets deodorant"

05.26.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Makes statement to 'Kvinneguiden' in connection with family businesses.

05.22.2015: Professor Eli Moen: To Nationen: Timber exports provide no repercussions for the national economy.

05.13.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: States to Bergens Tidende that cultural sponsorship is the first to be rejected when expenditure has to be reduced.

05.13.2015: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Good pronunciation may be decisive in connection with negotiations, she says to P4-Nyheter.

05.12.2015: Associate professor Mona Solvoll: Referred to in Dagen in connection with the confirmation video which "has taken the web by storm lately".

05.12.2015: Profesor em. Tor Grenness: Referred to in Nationen in connection with executive pay.

04.27.2015: Associate professor II Terje Gaustad: Has made a statement to Klassekampen about the video fee.

04.25.2015: Professor Johan From: Quoted in Aftenposten in connection with the article: School debate is social debate.

04.24.2015: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: Makes a statement to Sunnmørsposten about acquired loot.

04.22.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Higher requirements should be set for the PT-education she says to Dagens Næringsliv.

04.22.2015: Professor Johan From: Makes statement on attacks from Svein Sjøberg about Norwegian school system in Aftenposten.

04.22.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Video of interview in Iceland.

04.20.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Blockbuster will draw tourists to Norway she says to NRK-Nordland

04.15.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: Participating in the panel during the Spellemann debate in Kulturhuset in Oslo. Ref.: Ballade

04.10.2015: Professor Johan From: In P4 on the change of NAV into a success.

04.09.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Makes comments on the statement that more artists must become entrepreneurs. Read: Minerva

04.08.2015: Professor Johan From: Quoted in Dagbladet in connection with an article on tribute to teachers.

04.06.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Communication which creates innovation. Read Ledernytt

03.30.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Makes statement to NRK Sogn og Fjordane in connecton with the merger of Fjord1 and Nordled.

03.24.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Makes statement to Kampanje in connection with online meeting conducted by Freia on the use of palm oil in some of their products.

03.22.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Quoted in Kampanje in connection with Bjørn Kjos and Norwegian.

03.22.2015:Associate professor Sut I Wong Humborstad: To create a common understanding between leaders and employees as to what is expected from the employee. MAGMA

03.17.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: With article in INSIDE - "What is the purpose of record companies?"

03.17.2015: Associate professor Knut Kolnar: Today's consumers have to pay close attention to keep up with things. 

03.15.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Makes a statement to E 24 in connection with the Birkebeiner ski-race, that turns out to have less participants than earlier years.

03.14.2015: Professor Eli Moen: We must all prepare for lower wages in the future. Read Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen with reference to the strike in Norwegian. 

03.14.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Adresseavisen refers to her statements in connection with the strike in Norwegian.

03.13.2015: Professor Eli Moen: In Romerikes Blad on Norwegian.

03.12.2015: Professor Eli Moen: With statements to Tidens Krav: The development taking place in Norwegian is recognized in a variety of industries. Read also DN + Telemarksavisa

03.12.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Quoted in Klassekampen in connection with the termination of the strike in Norwegian. Also a note in Trønderavisa

03.11.2015: Professor Morten Huse: In Slovenian media in connection with women in leadership positions RTV SLO MMC + MMC

03.10.2015: Professor Eli Moen: The strike in Norwegian will change Norwegian working life, according to experts, says Eli Moen, among others, to NRK. + NRK-radio.

03.10.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Quoted in Dagens Næringsliv in connection with previous advertisement about the use of a child immage by Plan Norge.

03.09.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Hesitant as to whether the entrepeneur concept is appropriate in culture. Quoted in Ballade

03.08.2015: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Believes that the immigration of Swedes is healthy for Norwegian work ethics. Read: A-Magasinet

03.07.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Makes statement to Finansavisen on the air strike.

03.07.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Mentioned in The Conversation about getting women onto corporate boards.

03.07.2015: Professor em. Berit von der Lippe: Has an article about "Defense feminism" in Klassekampen

03.06.2015: Professor Morten Huse: The gender equality may also help the country. PLANET.SIOL.NET

03.06.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Believes that the development in connecton with the strike in Norwegian weakens the unionisation. Read: Nettavisen

03.06.2015: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Has written many articles on children and art and participates in the Children's Art Festival in Porsgrunn, says Varden

03.06.2015: Professor Eli Moen: The development in Norwegian weakens the unionisation, she says to Gudbrandsdølen

03.05.2015: Professor Eli Moen: In VG in connection with the strike in Norwegian.

03.03.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Interviewed in NRK in connection with the conflict in Norwegian.

03.03.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted in Ytringen in connection with upcoming seminar in which Terråk Gjestegård aims at increasing the competence of its board members.

03.02.2015: Professor Morten Huse: In Salzburger Nachrichten you can read about the Norwegian female quota in listed companies. Norway is ahead of other Euorpean countries.

02.28.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Referred to in DN - Magasinet in connection with the article "Business affairs - the quota mystery".

02.25.2015: Associate professor Sut I Wong Humborstad: Handelsbladet FK refers to an article published in Leadership Quarterly about the employees' expectations to the company management.

02.24.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted in Trønderavisa: The gender balance in company boards contributes to increased value creation.

02.19.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: Interviewed in connection with WIMP, who celebrate their first 5 years today. Listen to NRK radio.

02.18.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted in Ledelse regarding the article "Entrepreneurship and process-orientated board work".

02.17.2015: Lecturer Derek Matthews: Makes a statement to BA in connection with an article on the police prestige culture in Bergen.

02.17.2015: Associate professor Sut I Wong Humborstad: In Ledernytt about autonomy in jobs. Also in HegnarKvinner

02.16.2015: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: In Ballade the Centre for Creative Industries (BI) is compared with the Knowledge centre for cultural industries (Kunnskapssenter for kulturnæringene) in Lillehammer as to which will become the best knowledge centre for culture.

02.13.2015: Professor Eli Moen: Makes a comment in Ukeavisen Ledelse in connection with article about Norwegian.

02.12.2015: Associate professor Peder Inge Furseth: Makes comments in the article "Reformation Norway" in Kapital.

02.11.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: Participating in one of the four working groups appointed in connection with the council for the music industry. 

02.10.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Makes a statement to Aftenposten in connection with the pay rise of the chairmen of the boards.

02.03.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Repercussion analyses provide measurable results for cultural institutions. Read: Bergens Tidende

01.30.2015: Assistant professor II Ratna Elisabet Kamsvåg: With article in Aftenposten about Høie's statements in connection with the hospital dispute in Møre og Romsdal.

01.28.2015: Professor Morten Huse: Makes a statement to Adresseavisen claiming that research shows that the gender balance in company boards contributes to increased value creation.

01.26.2015: Researcher Audun Molde: With a post concerning the Spellemannsprisen in Ballade: How can the award develop further in 2016.

01.23.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Her chapter in the book project "Performing arts and the young" is being reviewed along with contributions from a number of other people. Read: scenekunst.no

01.21.2015: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Makes a statement to Rogalandsavis Dagsavisen: We need to think digitally.

01.11.2015: Associate professor II Terje Gaustad: Attending the TIFF-konferansen under the theme "Open future".

01.07.2015: Professor Guri Hjeltnes: Makes a statement to the NRK in connection with the participation of the mayor of Hjartdal as a German Nazi statist in "The heavy water war".

01.06.2015: Professor Peggy Brønn: Makes a statement to Dagsavisen in connection with former Minister of Health Strøm-Erichsen's new role - as a lobbyist.

01.02.2015: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: Today there is broad consensus that digitization is the most important change factor in culture and art. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse


12.23.2014: Professor Eli Moen: Conference on the emerging bioeconomy at BI in January. Announced in the trade magazine Skog.

12.12.2014: Associate professor Jo Bech-Karlsen: Quoted in Morgenbladet in connecton with an article on nonfiction.

12.09.2014: Associate professor Mona Solvoll: Participating in a study about social media and "watchers". Read: Ledernytt - BI Business Review.

12.06.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Quoted in Dagbladet - Magasinet about the participation of women in company boards.

12.05.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Good taste - What should hang on your wall? Read: A-Magasinet

12.03.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Now starting off the Centre for Creative Industries. Read: Kultmag

11.21.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Establishing the Centre for Creative Industries. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse

11.20.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believes that a good reputation must be constructed from scratch. Read: Aftenposten

11.17.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Critical of ethical guidelines for culture. One should rather make better contracts, she suggests to Klassekampen

11.17.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: BI mentioned in Dagsavisen regarding the startup of a centre for creative industries in order to promote research and education within the field.

11.14.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Impressed by the generosity shown by Norwegians. Listen to NRK

10.31.2014: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: Digitization is a big challenge for Norwegian cultural institutions. Read: Morgenbladet

10.29.2014: Assistant professor Audun Molde: Has an article in Ballade.

10.29.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Participating in the Torp Conference, along with former BI-employee Henning Kristoffersen. The conference theme is future's super business. Read: Byavisa Sandefjord

10.28.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Sports win shows "Status report 2013". Read: Dagsavisen.

10.21.2014: Professor Guri Hjeltnes: Create new text books. Statement to Vårt Land

10.21.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Makes a statement to Østandsposten concerning change of ownership where families have a kind of constitution that indicate how the values are to be managed and who should take over.

10.20.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Could have avoided the nonsense with merger and change of management. Read: E24

10.18.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Issues statement to Dagsavisen on elitism.

10.16.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Issues statement to Wiener Zeitung concerning woman quotas.

10.14.2014: Professor Berit von der Lippe: Issues a statement to Dagsavisen concerning Malala and the Nobel Peace Prize.

10.09.2014: Professor Eli Moen: At the head of international aviation conference at BI. Read: Medlemsbladet Parat

10.03.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Participating in the evaluation committee which will look at the organization of the Norwegian Cultural Council. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse

09.30.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believes that a combination of charity and marketing is becoming increasingly important. Read: Vårt Land

09.25.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Accusing Plan Norway in connection with a description of "Thea's wedding blog" in DN.

09.23.2014: Professor Morten Huse: With eight steps to improve board work in Ledernytt.

09.17.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: The culutral sector may improve by seeing the issue from the sponsor perspective. Read: Budstikka.

09.15.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believes that the launching of fake wedding blogg by Plan Norway destroys the PR industry. Read VG.

09.08.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: With statement to Dagens Næringsliv on the fact that leaders who are visible in the media often become a double-edged sword.

09.08.2014: Professor em. Tor Grennes: With post in Dagens Næringsliv about equality paradoxes.

09.05.2014: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Participating in a new master's programme for the army. Read BI.no

09.02.2014: Professor Johan From: With statement to Finansavisen on the teachers'strike.

08.29.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran commenting on the book "Critical cultural journalism" in Minerva

08.26.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Quoted in Troms fylkeskommune regarding subsidies for festivals and cultural events.

08.26.2014: Professor Eli Moen: Quoted in Magma regarding competition in the airline industry.

08.21.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran and professor Sigrid Røyseng commenting on an article in Dagsavisen about the importance of culture in connection with the arrangement of the Olympics in Oslo.

08.20.2014: Associate professor Terje Gaustad has a commentary in Dagsavisen concerning Erik Poppe's initiative in connection with the Amanda Prize.

08.18.2014: Professor Johan From: Also with support to the teachers. Read in Utdanningsforbundet.

08.16.2014: Professor Eli Moen issued a statement to E24 under the heading "The economy is coming down. Finland is in deep depression".

08.14.2014: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Gender equalitiy = good societies. Read forskning.no

08.12.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Had no reason for complaining about the decision in connection with Knowledge Centre. Kultmag

08.08.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Makes a statement to Dagsavisen in connection with the fact that the Astrup Fearnly museum once again applies for support from the Ministry of Culture.

08.06.2014: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Quoted in connection with article in Dagsavisen about licensing of Oslo Kino.

08.02.2014: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Believes that people in Oslo will miss five movies this summer because of conflict. Read: Klassekampen. He also participated in Østlandssendingen. Believes that the monopoly of Oslo Kino should be dissolved. Quoted also in Kinomagasinet.

07.24.2014: Professor Berit von der Lippe: Makes a statement to Bergensavisen in connection with article about research on "rulers' techniques".

07.24.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran in Minerva digital with excerpts from article in Minerva's paper edition about diversity in cultural life.

21.07.2014: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Quoted in Kinomagasinet in connection with his letter to the editor "When everyone loses" in the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv.

07.12.2014: Associate professor Tor Bang with statement to Nationen in connection with an investigation concerning how ministers are portrayed in the media.

07.11.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Collaborating with Kommunikasjonsforeningen on promoting European Communication Monitor 2014.

07.10.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn with statement to Aftenposten - Reise in connecton with a security video made for Icelandair.

07.10.2014: Associate professor Tor Bang: Commenting on the article "The government's most and least visible member" in Aftenposten - Kultur

07.09.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Makes a statement to Kultmag in connection with an evaluation of the so called "hub festivals".

07.01.2014: Assistant professor Audun Molde: The has been a sixfold increase in the number of record companies during the last 13 years. Read more in Vårt Land

07.27.2014: Assistant professor Audun Molde: With statement to Dagens Næringsliv in connection with the article "Profitable music store".

07.27.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: In Ukeavisen Ledelse she says that "The attitudes of the leader influence everything".

07.27.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran issues a statement to Ukeavisen Ledelse in connection with the closure of Arts & Business.

07.20.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Expressing her opinion in Aftenposten: Choice of private schools changes royal household motto.

06.13.2014: Professor Eli Moen: "The Norwegian elite has not become aware of the bioeconomic paradigm shift". Read: ZERO

06.10.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believes that Oslo should do like Drammen in order to lift its reputation. Read: Aftenposten.

06.05.2014: Associate professor Terje Gaustad: Makes statement to Dagens Næringsliv about producing film in Norway. Business Review.

06.03.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: With statement to Klassekampen indicating that the Arts Council should be split.

05.27.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Believes that the situation between Fjord Line and Color Line represents many well known monopoly dilemmas. Read Sandefjords Blad.

05.19.2014: Professor Eli Moen: Makes statement to the NRK in connection with aviation and Norwegian.

05.19.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Not surprised by Norwegian's fall on the charts.

05.16.2014: Associate professor Magne Haug: Believes that the farmers' forms of action in connection with this year's agricultural settlement are not particularly smart. http://www.nrk.no/ho/ -http://radio.nrk.no/serie/distriktsprogram-hedmark-og-oppland

05.12.2014: Professor Eli Moen: The airline Norwegian changed its course around 2012, she says to Ukeavisen Ledelse.

05.12.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Expressed skepticism about the government's freedom reform. Quoted by Fædrelandsvennen

04.24.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Participated on April 9th in the network gathering for culture and arts in Vestfold fylkeskommune.

04.23.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Commenting on "Tough to be an artist in Vestfold" - Gjengangeren.

04.15.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Diversity is important in order to understand the benefits of humanities. Aftenposten

04.10.2014: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Shows in report that there is great variation among the dance communities. Read archived article in "Kulturrådet"

04.10.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Issues statement to Drammens Tidende: "You don't need substance in order to become famous."

04.09.2014: Anne-Britt Gran: Commenting on statement in Studentorget.no

04.08.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Issues new statement to Aftenposten about humanities' refusal of usefulness.

04.07.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Makes statement to Aftenposten about humanities'refusal of usefulness.

04.04.2014: Associate professor Magne Haug: Doubtful about YouTube as a political channel. Read Stavanger Aftenblad

04.04.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Participating in the fight for a knowledge centre for creative industries. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse

02.27.2014: Assistant professor Audun Molde: Describing a time for pioneers in the music industry in Ballade.no

03.25.2014: Associate professor Kristian Alm: "The boards of directors are only concerned with leaders". Vårt Land

03.17.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Commenting Hegnar-kvinner ONLINE.

03.17.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Survival guide for women on boards - Ukeavisen Ledelse

03.11.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Issues statement to Aftenposten and other media about the fact that many centres for culture become mausoleums.

03.08.2014: Professor Morten Huse makes statement to Finansavisen about female chairmen of boards.

03.08.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Participating in the Aftenposten-jury who have chosen Norway's most powerful women.

03.06.2014: Professor em. Tor Grenness Commenting on statement in DN regarding "waste of expertise".

03.03.2014: Professor Morten Huse issuing a statement to E24 in connection with the corruption case in Kongsberggruppen.

02.24.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: No major tradition for patronage in Norway, A.B. Gran says to Aftenposten

02.20.2014: Professor Peggy Brønn: Questioning possible dual role regarding the support from the Medical Association (Legeforeningen) to Stordalens EAT-konferanse

02.18.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Commenting board remuneration in Ukeavisen Ledelse

02.17.2014: Professor Morten Huse: Referred to in Aftenposten regarding the article "The highest paid charimen in Norway".

01.31.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Her statements about cooperation between culture and business in rural areas are being commented on in Ukeavisen Ledelse

01.28.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Presenting the report "Private cultural funding in Norway" at a breakfast meeting under Arts & Business. Read the rapporten

01.28.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Expressing her belief in Dagsavisen that less private money will go to sponsorship of culture, if public funds are cut.

01.28.2014: Professor Anne-Britt Gran issuing statement in Aftenposten regarding funding of culture.

01.08.2014: Professor Tor Grennes makes statement in connection with the article in Dagens Næringsliv "The new consultant wave". Read article: Opprydding trengs


12.20.2013: Associate professor Mona Solvoll making statement to the NRK in connection with the secret app Whisper.

12.19.2013: Professor Anne-Brit Gran. Issuing statement to Aftenposten in connection with the Arts Council and freedom reform.

12.16.2013: Professor Sigrid Røyseng. Participating in the group who will be looking into the Arts Council. Read: Dagbladet

12.10.2013: Professor Morten Huse. Are we missing the goal by allowing women a quota in company boards? Se video

12.06.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran. In Sortlandsavisa: "A paradox that a building for cultural purposes is made so important .."

11.29.2013: Professor Morten Huse. Travelling around Europe and talking about work on boards and Norwegian quotas for women. Read: Ukeavisen Ledelse

11.28.2013: Professor Anne-Brit Gran: Quoted in connection with the survey Digital film consumption, also in Aftenposten

11.28.2013: Assistant professor Terje Gaustad and Professor Anne-Britt Gran making statement to Kinomagasinet in connection with the survey Digital film consumption, conducted by BI.

11.27.2013: Assistant professor Terje Gaustad issues statement to DN.NO about the consequences of flow services for the revenue of the film industry.

11.22.2013: Associate professor Brian Groth: Participating in the testing of the CEO's language skills conducted by Kapital

11.20.2013: Professor Peggy Brønn: believes one can easily underestimate branding in the public sector - Dagens Næringsliv

11.18.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran. Makes statement in Dagbladet on the government's budget conciliation.

11.15.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Quoted in Dag og Tid regarding the book Kulturbløffen

11.13.2013: Associate professor Sut I Wong Humborstad: Three ways in which leaders can control expectations: Quoted in MAGMA

11.13.2013: Professor Tor Grenness: Quoted in Bergens Tidende in connection with the article "Foreigners are struggling to understand Norwegians".

11.11.2013: Assistant professor Anitra Figenschou says to the NRK that it is a fact that the ownership structure gives publishers much power.

11.11.2013: Professor Peggy Brønn: Quoted in Bergens Tidende regarding her article about reputation management in the public and private sectors.

11.07.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Expressing her belief to Dagsavisen about how the Opera ought to identify themselves in a new way.

11.06.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran Saying to Klassekampen among other things: The goal that culture should reach everyone has yielded results.

11.05.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran making comments in Vårt Land regarding the book "The cultural bluff?" ("Kulturbløffen?")

11.04.2013: Professor Eli Moen: Quoted in Dagens Næringsliv

10.31.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran gets comments in Dagbladet in connection with private funding from Statoil to culture.

10.24.2013: Professor Peggy Brønn receives the honorary award in connection with this year's Gullkorn 2013

10.21.2013: Professor Sigrid Røyseng commenting in the newspaper Trønder-Avisa on the new Minister of Culture and the State Secretary.

10.18.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran issues comments about the new Minister of Culture in Dagbladet

10.15.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran commenting to the Studentavisen i Tr.heim that she agrees that the difference between sponsorship from private companies and government support is essential.

10.15.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran with comments on the state budget in Klassekampen regarding the promises for culture.

10.13.2013: Professor Berit von der Lippe issues statement in Dine Penger regarding the rhetoric which characterizes communication in general in 2013.

10.13.2013: Professor Sigrid Røyseng with statement in connection with a report in Aftenposten: "There is little left for art".

10.13.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran is also mentioned in Vesterålen Avis in connection with the cooperation on culture.

10.11.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Going to Vesterålen to talk about young people's consumption of culture in a digital time. Read: Bladet Vesterålen

10.09.2013: Professor em. Tor Grenness gave his inaugural lecture on the theme "Leadership the Norwegian way - clean and simple": Ledelse på norsk - rett og slett

10.09.2013: Professor Johan From: A municipalities reform will greatly reduce bureaucracy and provide enormous efficiency gains, if the government is able to do something about the county administration - Read Aftenposten

10.08.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Issuing comments in Dagbladet on the Government's cut in the cultural field.

10.07.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Not surprised by the part of the Government's declaration concerning culture - in Dagbladet

09.30.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm issuing views regarding Sørlandslederen, innovasjon og forsiktighet

09.26.2013: Professor Morten Huse: Board members have a responsibility to think for themselves. Les og hør

09.26.2013: Professor Sigrid Røyseng: Lecturing at Lillehammer bibliotek on the importance of different types of money for art projects in public space.

09.23.2013: Professor Peggy Brønn issues statement on students' dream jobs in Stavanger Aftenblad

08.29.2013: Professor Morten Huse: Participating in the debate in media regarding women in top management positions.

08.28.2013: Professor Johan From issuing post in Dagens næringsliv regarding education policy - På rett vei

08.25.2013: Associate professor Tor Grenness with statement in Aftenposten in connection with careers on a global scale.

08.21.2013: Professor Johan From has an article in Dagens Næringsliv: Skolepolitikk på avveie

07.20.2013: Professor Guri Hjeltnes: This year's St. Olav profile at the Stiklestad festival.

07.04.2013: Researcher Eli Moen believes Norwegian companies have note adapted their business model to the global business community - Les!

06.30.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Nordiske ledere er forskjellige

06.22.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm in Fædrelandsvennen - Ledere på Sørlandet løser konflikter gjennom diplomati

06.11.2013: Professor Berit von der Lippe: Participating at the seminaret: seminar on women's suffrage: The power of women's arguments - about the rhetoric in the fight for suffrage 1880-1913, with the title: Retorikken i kampen om KVINNESTEMMERETTEN

06.06.2013: Researcher Eli Moen has an article in the trade magazine INNSATS (www.innovasjonnorge.no) with the title "New challenges for innovation policies"; Nye utfordringer for innovasjonspolitikken

05.28.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm and Assistant professor Tor Bang with article in: Communication Director: THE DEVELOPMENT OF NORWEGIAN PR

05.27.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Quoted in "byliv" in connection with a survey regarding the importance of creative industries for the capital.

05.25.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm quoted in Aftenposten - Norge er verdens mest feminine land - bortsett fra Sverige

05.12.2013: Professor Morten Huse: Interviewed in Neue Züricher Zeitung: Wie die Frauenquote Norwegen verändert hat

04.29.2013: Associate professor Maria Isaksson had invited Health Minister Jonas Gahr Støre to BI in connection with the subject of rhetoric, to talk about the art of giving speeches kunsten å holde taler.

04.26.2013: Associate professor Magne M. Haug gave the lecture "Campaigns to persuade people to become foster parents: Success factors and traps" on a conference hosted by the Directorate for Children, Youth and Family affairs.

04.26.2013: Professor Peggy Brønn: Quoted in Ukeavisen Ledelse, referring to the fact that communication is "the management discipline" and confirmng it by research. BI last fall introduced a separate communication subject, "Communication for organizations and leaders".

04.24.2013: Professor Morten Huse: With article in Dagens Næringsliv, April 22nd.

04.23.2013: Professor Morten Huse: Makes statement to Ukeavisen Ledelse: Women control organizations.

04.16.2013: Professor Johan From participated at the national conference of the Directorate of Education on April 15th, with the main contribution: "Management of change processes".

04.08.2013: Associate professor Mark Brown, project leader of the project "Green Oslo", in collaboration with the authors, organizes launching of the book boklansering including breakfast, at the Lilleraturhuset in Oslo, April 23rd at 08.00.

04.02.2013: Lecturer Tor Bang defends his thesis, but first the trial lecture prøveforelesning/2013/04/. The defence takes place in Bergen disputas/2013/04/, on April 17th 2013, between 10.15 and 14.00. Place: Auditoriet, Sjøfartsmuseet, Haakon Sheteligs plass 15, v/UiB.

04.02.2013: Professor Morten Huse interviewed intervjuet in New York Times.

03.11.2013: Researcher Eli Moen makes statement to Ukeavisen Ledelse about Norwegian cooperation model under pressure.

03.07.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm believes that Norwegian women may learn from women from Brazil, China and Portugal in several fields. Faksimile from Aftenposten.

03.07.2013 Professor Berit von der Lippe, together with researcher Kirsti Stuvøy, associate professor at the Høgskolen i Lillehammer, with statement in Klassekampen, asking if the UN resolution on female perspectives of war is resulting more beneficial to the war powers thant to women.

03.06.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran: Suggesting that the Oslo Nye Teater should be transformed into a children's theater. Read about the matter in Minerva

03.06.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran and associate professor Sigrid Røyseng have created one of the reports of the NoU Cultural Report 2014, which came out on Marth 4th - "Scenekunsten i kulturløftet"

03.05.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm with post on BI's career days: Faksimile

03.05.2013: Researcher Eli Moen: Making statement in connection with long-term plan for research in MandagMorgen

03.04.2013: Professor Dr. Ansgar Zerfass: In trade magazine about strategic communication. Published by Norsk kommunikasjonsforening. Faksimile

03.04.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran was interviewed in the Aftenbladet, Stavanger, stating that all children should receive an offer from a performings arts school. Read also Bergens Tidende as to the money spent on culture - Who gets most?

03.04.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm participated at the Kommunikasjonsfjoreningen's annual convention on February 27th, which bore the title "Communication without borders". Gillian talked about differences in business culture and communication across borders. Faksimile

02.25.2013: Professor Johan From: Statements in various media about National tests in the school system. In VG February 2nd: http://www.vg.no/ , in Ukeavisen Ledelse

02.15.2013: Executive contracts for schools: http://www.ukeavisenledelse.no/, in Finansavisen February

02.20.2013: Interview on the Central Bureau of Statistics' analysis of the National tests. Faksimile

02.20.2013: Associate Professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm has got an article published in Journal of Intercultural Business. ISSN 1404-1634, issue 29. - Interview by BI Business Review: http://www.bi.edu

02.14.2013:: Lecturer II Steinar Bjartveit gave a speech at BI's annual conference, titled "The truth about Julius Ceasar and Asterix - how one of history's strongest leaders steered towards success in an impossible situation". http://www.bi.no ledelse-i-romas-storhetstid/

02.07.2013: Professor Johan From has a new blog: jfskole.blogspot.com

02.05.2013: Professor Jan Svennevig joins The Department of Communication, Culture and Languages as Adjunct Professor! He is a reputable linguistic-professor at UiO. We wish him welcome back.

01.28.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran will be master of ceremonies at the annual culture and business day at BI Nydalen on February 28th. See http://kl.sbio.no/kndagen/

01.24.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm: Online meeting posted on Dn.no: http://www.dn.no/karriere/article2548181.ece

01.23.2013: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm on the front page of the Dagens Næringsliv, with the headline: "Asks Norwegians to boast less". 

01.18.2013: Professor Morten Huse and Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm arranging "4th women on board international research cruise workshop" 16-19 MARCH 2013

01.17.2013: Professor II Dr. Ansgar Zerfass, engaged by the Department of Communication, Culture and Language from 1st of January 2013.

01.17.2013: Associate professor Sigrid Røyseng has created the blog to the course in Galleries and Museums. An example to follow. 

01.14.2013: Assistant professor ii Audun Molde interviewed by the NRK.NO, among others, about the sales of Norwegian music in 2012. 

01.10.2013: Professor Anne-Britt Gran, together with Anitra Figenschou, Terje Gaustad and Audun Molde, has published in BI Business Review and on forskning.no today, regarding digital consumption of culture. 


11.16.2012: Associate professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm became interviewed in the article «Culture that promotes equal opportunities» published on ScienceNordic.com:SienceNordic

11.12.2012: Associate professor Roberta Wiig Berg has got an article published in Business Communication Quarterly 2012;75 404-424 

10.29.2012: Associate professor Mark Brown is a guest speaker at The University of Uppsala - CEMUS about The Global Economy, Environment, Development and Globalisation - http://cemusstudent.se/gec/.

10.24.2012: Professor Peggy Brønn is a guest speaker at the autumn seminar on leadership and communication choices 2012

10.24.2012: Professor Guri Hjeltnes is on TV this week, discussing the historical context of Queen Sonja's new biography

10.06.2012: Magnus Haug discusses politics and taxes in E24. The Institute for Communication, Culture and Language wishes Morten Huse Welcome!

09.15.2012: US Embassador Barry White visits BI and is interviewed by Research fellow Tor Bang

09.15.2012: Guri Hjeltnes and Morten Møller Warmedal's new book: Investigative journalism

09.15.2012: University lecturers in the institute, Bjartveit, Eikeset and Kjærstad's new book: Roma Victrix

09.15.2012: Professor Peggy Brønn wins a top paper award in Istanbul at Euprera conference

09.15.2012: Center for Corporate Communication invites Professor Cees Van Riel to be a key note speaker in Oslo

09.15.2012: Guri Hjeltnes and Morten Møller in the media with '9 commandments for journalists'

09.15.2012: Professor Berit Von Der Lippe invited to be a key note speaker at the Norwegian National Research day in Lillehammer

09.15.2012: Institute for Communication, Culture and Languages launch a new Master of Management program in Digital Communication and Leadership

08.15.2012: Guri Hjeltnes completes her role in the 22. July government commission report

08.15.2012: Gillian Warner-Søderholm as the new head of the Institute for Communication, Culture and Languages opens the ' who are we' information wall

08.15.2012: Head of the Institute Gillian Warner-Søderholm writes in Dagsavisen about how Study Strategies are the key to effective learning

08.15.2012: Gillian Warner-Søderholm is in the media discussing her research into long term planning and culture

08.15.2012: Associate Professor Gillian Warner-Søderholm is in the US during her summer visiting professorship

08.15.2012: Gillian Warner-Søderhom (BI) and Andy Bertsch (MSU) win a top paper award at the AIB conference in Washington