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Research areas

Anders Gustafsson,
Research Professor
Management of Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction Customer Behavior in Retailing
Audun Reiby,
PhD Candidate
Interorganizational relationships International marketing Cross-cultural cooperation
Auke Hunneman,
Associate professor 
Retailing Marketing analytics Marketing accountability, i.e., the impact of marketing on firm performance
Bendik Meling Samuelsen,
Provost, Professor
Brand management Marketing communication Consumer behavior
Carlos Velasco,
Associate professor
Multisensory marketing Crossmodal perception Multisensory food experience design
Delia Olga Ungureanu,
PhD Candidate
New product introductions Incentivized referral programs Customer relationship management
Erik Olson,
Green technology/product marketing Sponsorship effects New product development and adoption
Fred Selnes,
Strategic customer management Advertising effectiveness Organizing marketing
Hannah Snyder,
Assistant professor
Services marketing Service innovation and new service development (focus on health care) Consumer behavior
Henrik Jensen,
Postdoctoral Fellow
Public procurement Marketing strategy Interorganizational relations
Jon Bingen Sande,
Associate professor
Marketing strategy B2B relationships B2B service innovation & customer solutions
Kenneth Henning Wathne,
Adjunct professor
Marketing strategy Social networks Alliances and B2B relationships
Klemens Knöferle,
Associate professor
Sensory aspects in marketing (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, interoception)  Music in marketing Store ambiance design
Luk Warlop,
Consumer behavior Social marketing Brand management
Matilda Dorotic,
Associate professor
Customer relationship management (impact of marketing instruments on customer behavior) Loyalty program’s effectiveness Customer engagement, social media and mobile marketing effectiveness
Nina Iversen, Professor Consumer behavior Brand management Marketing communication
Nina Veflen,
Product development of FMCG (fast moving consumer goods)/ Innovation management Market orientation and Consumer insights Risk behavior
Peter Jarnebrant,
Associate professor
Judgment & Decision Making Mental accounting Perceptions of risk and ambiguity
Pål R.  Silseth, Lecturer Customer relationship management Market research Consumer behaviour
Robert Dahlstrøm,
Adjunct professor
Channels of distribution Sustainable marketing Relationship marketing
Rutger Daniel van Oest,
Retailing Customer relationship management Marketing effectiveness
Stefan Worm,
Associate professor
Brand management in B2B markets B2B service innovation & customer solutions Marketing-finance interface
Tuba Yilmaz, Assistant professor Interorganizational relationships Strategic alliances Marketing-finance interface