Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has a faculty whose interests cover major fields in economics, mathematics and statistics/econometrics.

Spring 2017

Date Time Speaker Affiliation Title
11.01 12:00-13:15 Christian Conrad University of Heidelberg Testing for an Omitted Multiplicative Long-Term Component in GARCH Models
18.01 12:00-13:15 Nils W. Metternich UCL Who joines and who fightes? Explaining tacit coaliton behavior among civil war actors.
25.01 12:00-13:15  Mark Kayser  Hertie School of Governance The Luxury Goods Vote: Why Left Governments are Punished More for Economic Downturns
01.02 12:00-13:15  Pablo D'Erasmo  Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Reorganization or Liquidation: Bankruptcy Choice and Firm Dynamics
08.02 12:00-13:15  Hamdi Rassi  Instituto de Estadística, Chile Heteroscedastic vector autoregressive models
15.02 12:00-13:15  Marc Sangnier  Aix-Marseille University  Political Connections and Insider Trading
22.02 12:00-13:15  Winter break    
01.03 12.00-13.15  Eva Mörk  Uppsala University  Childcare - a safety net for children
08.03 12.00-13.15  No seminar    
15.03  12:00-13:15  James H. Stock  Harvard University Cyclically Sensitive Inflation
22.03 12.00-13.15  Stefan Mittnik  Ludwig Maximilian University Munich  Assessing stress-induced systemic risk
29.03 12:00-13:15  Natalia Montinari  Lund University  TBA
05.04 12:00-13:15  Manuel Garcia Santana  Universitat Pompeu Fabra   TBA
12.04 12:00-13:15  Easter break    
19.04 12:00-13:15  Andrea Tesei  Queen Mary, University of London   TBA
26.04 12:00-13:15  Manuel Amador  Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis   TBA
03.05 12:00-13:15  Søren Leth-Petersen  University of Copenhagen   TBA
10.05 12:00-13:15  Yoosoon Chang  Indiana University  TBA

12.05 12:00-13:15 Matthew Backus Columbia University TBA
17.05 12:00-13:15 Public Holiday    
19.05 12:00-13:15 Swati Dhingra LSE TBA
24.05 12:00-13:15 Jørgen Modalsli SSB TBA
31.05 12:00-13:15 No seminar    
02.06 12:00-13:15 Pascal Michaillat Brown University TBA
07.06 No seminar      
08.06 12:00-13:15 Juan Rubio Ramirez Emory University TBA