Department of Strategy and Entrepreneur­ship

The department of Strategy is a leading innovative institution that develops and disseminates expertise in corporate business models, development and growth.

The Department of Strategy collaborates with a number of businesses, and has several ongoing research projects. Three research centres are affliated with the department. The research centres stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration with the business industry.

Head of Department

Randi Lunnan

Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship


Tove Orheim
Head of Administration

Administration: +47 46 41 04 56

BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37
N-0484 Oslo

Swith board: +47 46 41 00 00

The Department of Strategy holds 2 endowed professorships sponsored by the business community. In autumn 2015, the department signed an agreement to institute a further 2 new endowed professorships with the building industry as a partner.

Endowed professorships drive BI to maintain communication with key players in the Norwegian business industry and has resulted in several relevant business programmes and research projects for the involved enterprises.

  • Tom Wilhelmsen’s foundation professorship - Professor Torger Reve.
  • Telenor’s professorship of International Strategy and Management - Professor Øystein Fjeldstad.
  • Professorship of efficient building processes - Professor Ragnhild Kvålshaugen.

Bachelor's and master's programmes, Executive training and Ph.D.

The department has courses on both bachelor, master and doctoral level, as well as the experience-based executive courses. Our professional staff have extensive experience in teaching for executives in MBA and Master of management courses in Management and at renowned partner institutions abroad, such as Fudan University in Shanghai and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

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    Lokale bedrifter tar grep - går fra nettverk til klynge

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    Små, selvkjørende elbiler som farter hit og dit. Det blir helt topp!

    BI profile Espen Andersen is not in doubt that self-driving electric cars are the future. That, he thinks, will be great.

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    Bedriftsforbundet- På tide med en venstresving?

    Professor Torger Reve of BI Norwegian Business School breaks the myth that it is the big companies that create the most jobs. Reve has looked at net innovation in the private sector in the period…

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