Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing’s vision is to educate market-oriented leaders for the modern economy. Focusing quality, relevance and research driven teaching in all our programs our students will work for the best companies.

The Department of Marketing is one of the largest academic communities within the field of Marketing in Europe.  The department recruits internationally in order to ensure high quality research of relevance to the international research community. In doing so, we make efforts to be an attractive adviser and partner for Norwegian and international businesses.

The research and education covers a wide variety of challenges managers meet in the modern market, and the department's researchers publish in high-ranking scientific journals of marketing.

Several of the articles are published in journals that are part of the influential rankings of Financial Times and ABS (Chartered Association of Business Schools). The research of the department has made significant impact within the discipline of marketing, and through the years, several of the published research articles have become classics within the field. In addition, our faculty publishes new and relevant research at a high rate. 

Head of Department

Line Lervik-Olsen

Department of Marketing


Head of Administration
Sissel Berg

Administration: +47 46 41 02 02


BI Norwegian Business School
Nydalsveien 37
N-0484 Oslo

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The research at the Department of Marketing
focuses on relevance, theory development, and creating solutions for companies. This is done through cooperating closely with several leading Norwegian and international companies, as well as with a large international network of researchers.

  • Marketing Strategy – focus on marked oriented leadership, CRM, customer relations, sales, profitability, marketing channels, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as international marketing.
  • Consumer Behavior – focus on purchasing behavior, psychology, and buyer motivation, as well as rational and irrational behavior concerning these actions.
  • Marketing Modeling – focus on empirical analyses, modelling, and econometric analyses of buying behavior and company profitability. Researchers in this field are experts in applying and systematizing existing company data and marked data into decision models.


We offer eminent education in marketing at all levels:

Students are encouraged to spend time abroad at one of our 50 excellent partner universities. We foresee that our students start their career in the Department of Marketing and later progress toward general management positions. This requires an in depth knowledge in marketing, an understanding of leadership and finance in order to deliver theory and data driven decisions.

BI Business Review

Lady Gaga boosts sales when shop is full of customers

Customers spend less money shopping when the shop is filled to the brim with customers. Fast-paced music takes sales to new heights, according to study from BI.

BI Business Review

Sweat Consumer Insight out!

How to know if your commercial or the experience you create for your customers is emotionally engaging? You can measure the quantity of sweat they secrete.

BI Business Review

Will songs be written about self-driving cars?

Self-driving cars could dampen the consumer love affair with cars and car brands. However, new technology may open new brand building opportunities.

BI Business Review

Big Data and Social Media for Managers

How to analyze the true impact of Big Data and Social Media on Profitability? Associate Professor Matilda Dorotic will separate the unproved buzz from the actual potential to provide leaders with tools to understand the difference.

BI Business Review

Visualise for better decisions

Managers who draw pictures of their networks, are able to make better strategic decisions.

BI Business Review

Trumping research biases

Research results can be biased when people are afraid to give honest answers. Scientists can also hope for “politically correct” results. Both types of bias were likely responsible for the failure to predict Trump’s victory.

BI Business Review

Consumer lies in the service encounter

More than nine out of ten consumers admit that they have been lying during a service encounter.

BI Business Review

Designing multisensory food experiences

Every meal opens up a magnificent sensual world of colours, shapes, smells, textures, and sounds.



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