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BI Centre for Energy profiles and develops energy-related research and education. The focus is on economic, political and organizational questions in relation to oil, gas, electricity and the green transition.

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  • Midttun, Atle; Piccini, Proadpran Boonprasurd

    Facing the climate and digital challenge: European energy industry from boom to crisis and transformation

    Energy Policy 108 (2017): 330-343.

  • Sitter, Nick; Andersen, Svein S; Goldthau, Andreas

    Energy Union: Europe's New Liberal Mercantilism?

    Palgrave Macmillan 2017 (ISBN 978-1-137-59105-0) 274 p.

  • Midttun, Atle; Witoszek, Nina

    Energy and Transport in Green Transition: Perspectives on Ecomodernity

    Routledge 2016 (ISBN 978-1-138-79343-9) 198 p.

  • Noreng, Øystein

    The Oil Industry and Government Strategy in the North Sea

    Routledge 2016 (ISBN 978-1315-62241-5) 268 p.

  • Randers, Jørgen; Göluke, Ulrich; Wenstøp, Fred; Wenstøp, Søren

    A user-friendly earth system model of low complexity: the ESCIMO system dynamics model of global warming towards 2100

    Earth System Dynamics, 2016, Volume 7.(4) p. 831-850

  • Randers, Jørgen; Maxton, Graeme

    Ein prozent ist genug. Mit wenig wachstum soziale ungleichheit, arbeitslosigkeit und klimawandel bekämpfen

    Oekom verlag 2016 (ISBN 9783865818102) 272 p.

  • Midttun, Atle; Coulter, Paddy; Gadzekpo, Audrey; Wang, Jin

    Comparing media framings of climate change in developed, rapid growth and developing countries: Findings from Norway, China and Ghana

    Energy and Environment 2015 ;Volume 26.(8) p. 1271-1292

  • Midttun, Atle; Toporowska, Elzbieta

    Sequencing Lead Markets for Photovoltaics

    Chapter in Im Hürdenlauf zur Energiewende: Von Transformationen, Reformen und Innovationen. Springer 2014 ISBN 978-3-658-06787-8. p. 165-186

  • Noreng, Øystein

    Oil and gas in the capitals: The crimea crisis, Russian gas and Norway

    World oil 2014 ;Volume 235.(4) p. 25

  • Lereim, Jon

    Kvalitetsledelse i prosjekter: en erfaringsbasert tilnærming

    Akademika: Oslo 2013 ISBN9788232100859

  • Noreng, Øystein

    Brazil and Norway—Offshore Petroleum Experiences and Lessons

    Journal of Energy and Development 2011 ;Volume 35.(1) p. 79-99

  • Noreng, Øystein

    Norway and Russia - From Cold War to Warm Peace

    Oil, Gas and Energy Law 2011 (6) p. 1-24

  • Randers, Jørgen

    Meny 5 - en vedtakbar klima- og energiplan for Norge til 2020

    Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse 2011 ;Volume 14.(2) p. 21-34

  • Thue, Lars; Sekne, Ivar

    De temmet vannet. Statkrafts tekniske kulturhistorie.

    Universitetsforlaget 2011 (ISBN 9788215018775) 280 p.

  • Lereim, Jon

    Prosjekt: Strategi, organisering, ledelse og gjennomføring

    Universitetsforlaget: Oslo 2009 ISBN9788215014241

  • Gundersen, Mari Hegg; Koefoed, Anne Louise; Midttun, Atle

    Greening of European Electricity Industry: The Challenges of Policy Integration Across Cognitive and Administrative Specialisation

    Published in Green Power Markets: Support Schemes, Case Studies and Perspectives, Lutz Mez (ed). Multi-Science Publishing 2007

  • Karlsen, Jan; Lereim, Jon

    Management of Project Contingency and Allowance

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    Reshaping of European Electricity and Gas Industry: Regulation, Markets and Business Strategies

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